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Foresight Nanotechnology Challenges – Directed giving

Foresight Nanotechnology Challenge #1: Meeting global energy needs with clean solutions

Balancing humanity's energy demands while protecting the environment is a major challenge. Nanotechnology will provide part, if not solve, the dilemma of energy needs and limited planetary resources through more efficient generation, storage and distribution.

Foresight Nanotechnology Challenge #2: Providing abundant clean water globally

The demand for fresh water is increasing. Considering the current rate of consumption and projected population growth, some two-thirds of the world will be affected by drought by the year 2050. Nanotechnology can help solve this problem through improved water purification and filtration.

Foresight Nanotechnology Challenge #3: Increasing the health and longevity of human life

Humans are living longer lives, yet infectious diseases and cancer continue to kill millions annually. Because of an aging population there could be a 50% increase of new cancer cases by the year 2020. Nanotechnology will enhance the quality of life for human beings through medical diagnostics, drug delivery and customized therapy.

Foresight Nanotechnology Challenge #4: Maximizing the productivity of agriculture

Pressure on the world's food sources is ever increasing while harvests have fallen short in recent years. It is anticipated that our world population will swell to 8.9 billion by the year 2050 putting even greater demands on agriculture. Precision farming, targeted pest management and the creation of high yield crops are a few nanotech solutions.

Foresight Nanotechnology Challenge #5: Making powerful information technology available everywhere

Humanity will need to cooperate as we respond to disasters and critical threats to our survival. A "planetary nervous system" fostering rapid communication and cross-cultural relationships is needed. Nanotechnology applications in electronics will increase access through reduced cost and higher performance of memory, networks, processors and components.

Foresight Nanotechnology Challenge #6: Enabling the development of space

Heavy demands on resources and raw materials are creating challenges on earth, whereas these items are plentiful in space. Current obstacles to developing space are cost, reliability, safety, and performance. Nanotechnology will solve these through improved fuels, smart materials, uniforms and environments.

Your direct donation would fund activities listed below that relate to the challenge of your choice:

  • Identify the solutions. Work closely with experts in the field to identify what specific nanotechnologies are anticipated to address the key problems.
  • Identify the best work being done in the field. Pinpoint which researchers and companies are doing the most important, interesting and cutting edge work.
  • Feature on Foresight website. Present a summary of the information, which addresses the challenge.
  • Present results at the Foresight Institute conference. Hold a presentation, panel or debate on key research at the applications, policy, or research conference portion.
  • Create white papers. Summarize current critical facts and recommend nanotechnology policy and research development.
  • Publish work in Foresight Update. Dedicate an issue of our bi-monthly publication and highlight important work.
  • Build alliances with other organizations. Establish relationships with governments, NGOs, policy organizations, professional associations and other groups.

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