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New nanomedicine journal

Posted by RobertBradbury on January 17th, 2005

From a recent article A new journal with an emphasis on nanomedicine should be available this spring: Nanomedicine: Nanotechnology, Biology and Medicine to launch in March 2005.

The first issue will provide an essay by Robert A. Freitas, Jr., entitled "What Is Nanomedicine?"

Ed. Note. This seems like an excellent opportunity to push nanotechnology into the public mindset. I.e. "What can nanotechnology do for me (or my children), etc.) Why does not each and every child growing up understand the implications of nanotechnology and nanomedicine?

Europe’s nanotech priorities

Posted by RobertBradbury on January 6th, 2005

As was pointed out in this article brought to our attention by Christine Peterson, Europe seems to be picking up the nanotech pace in a serious way.

We can divide the world up in terms of expertise. Perhaps the U.S. has the crown with inventiveness. But Europe has the Ariane (which still happens to be flying), Mercedes, Bentleys and Rolls (all of which are very good examples of fine engineering). The Asian collective has a unique ability to turn ideas into mass appeal products and make them affordable enough that they can sell millions.

[*Yes*, I am grossly generalizing here but please take it within the context of the conversation.]

So the question becomes — *who* will be the developers of and subsequently who will dominate the nanotech markets?

New Online Journal of Nanotechnology

Posted by RobertBradbury on December 13th, 2004

Christine Peterson has pointed out which is a new Online Journal of Nanotechnology which is a collaboration between PTY. Ltd. in Australia and The Institute of Nanotechnology in the U.K.

A brief review of the book list seems to suggest their primary focus is on nanomaterials rather than on molecular nanotechnology. For example, Nanosystems and Nanomedicine Vol. I are not included. More…

New Center of Integrated Nanomechanical Systems at U.C. Berkeley

Posted by RobertBradbury on December 6th, 2004

Christine Peterson points to this press release involving the new center.

"The goal is to merge nanotubes and a host of other Tinkertoy-like nanopieces with organic molecules – DNA, proteins or nanomolecular motors – to create sensors or nanomachines small enough to fit on the back of a virus…. While some of the researchers are synthesizing and characterizing various building blocks, others will integrate them and map out system properties, and still others will develop the tools to manipulate and construct new building blocks and systems. Several researchers will pursue the theoretical basics and limits of new devices."

Foresight Senior Associate Tom Kalil "helped meld the diverse group of researchers into a coherent center that captured the attention of the NSF."

Catching the nano wave

Posted by Jim Lewis on September 20th, 2004

molecool writes "CNN reports that a proposal is now making the rounds to create a partnership between government, academia and the semiconductor industry to foster advanced nanotechnology research in the United States. Could this become something like the Manhattan project for creating the first molecular assembler?"

China has embraced nanotechnology

Posted by Jim Lewis on September 17th, 2004

Anonymous Coward writes "China has embraced nanotechnology. Alexandr Nemets reports on the 'nanotechnology revolution' that has been taking place in China during the past five years. n=readFeatures&itemid=319&language=1"

Nanotechnology VIPs listing

Posted by Jim Lewis on June 2nd, 2004

Benjamin Melki writes "In addition to nanotechnology companies' profiles, is now listing nano people's profiles (companies' founders, Ceo, Scientists, media.)
Have a look at the profiles that we have registered currently:
Nano VIP?s are invited to register: =vipregister "

New Nanotechnology Research Institute in Ulster

Posted by Jim Lewis on April 27th, 2004

David Young writes "The University of Ulster … opened a new Nanotechnology Research Institute at its Jordanstown campus in Northern Ireland: University Opens £8m Nanotechnology Research Institute

University of Texas to offer nanotech PhD

Posted by Jim Lewis on April 25th, 2004

Christine Peterson writes, commenting on the news that UT will offer new nanotechnology doctorate. "Brian Korgel, the education director for the Center for Nano and Molecular Science and Technology, announced the new PhD program. We like his definition: 'Nanotechnology is used to create complex devices at the molecular level'."

Nanotechnology initiative at MIT

Posted by Jim Lewis on April 23rd, 2004

David Lackner writes with news of the MIT School of Engineering's Tiny Technologies Initiative. In addition to more generic nanoscale science projects, the research includes Nano-Mechanical Systems: "Examples of exciting projects include tiny microturbines, artificial muscles, and a nanorobot designed to manipulate individual molecules on materials' surfaces."

Newly established: Kavli Institute of Nanoscience

Posted by Jim Lewis on April 11th, 2004

Delft writes "NEW YORK – The Kavli Foundation and Delft University of Technology today announced the creation of the Kavli Institute of NanoScience Delft. This Institute is among nine new scientific research institutes at leading universities to address major challenges in the fields of cosmology, nanoscience and neuroscience. Of these nine, the Kavli Institute of Nanoscience Delft is the first Kavli Institute outside the United States."

New IoP journal

Posted by Jim Lewis on March 18th, 2004

qftconnor writes "I just noticed that IoP has launched a new journal called the Journal of Neural Engineering. According to the Editorial in the first issue, 'The scope of Journal of Neural Engineering encompasses experimental, computational and theoretical aspects of neural interfacing, neuroelectronics, neuromechanical systems, neuroinformatics, neuroimaging, neural prostheses, artificial and biological neural circuits, neural control, neural tissue regeneration, neural signal processing, neural modeling and neuro-computation.' All articles are available without subscription through December 2004. Perhaps the first conference on neuroengineering, held last year in Capri, and the formation of this new journal are signs that the field is becoming mainstream."

New law and business journal for nanotechnology

Posted by Jim Lewis on March 4th, 2004

Starting publication February 2004, Nanotechnology Law & Business (NLB) "is the first authoritative source of information entirely devoted to the legal, business, and policy aspects of nanotechnology and more generally small scale technologies. NLB will provide valuable expert insights and analysis for all professionals involved in these fast-developing fields."

Call For Papers on Nanotech Challenges

Posted by Jim Lewis on March 3rd, 2004

Two journals have issued a Call for Papers on Nanotech Challenges (print version in pdf). The deadline is June 30, 2004. Particularly welcome are papers on disciplinary challenges, epistemological challenges, ontological & metaphysical challenges, and ethical and sociological challenges.

Improving Nanoscience writing

Posted by Jim Lewis on February 25th, 2004

HLovy writes with news of a project at the University of South Carolina's center for societal and ethical implications of nanotechnology to explore how the ability of science writers to write about nanotechnology can be improved: Nanoscience writers as lab rats

New international Nanotechnology business site

Posted by Jim Lewis on February 13th, 2004

Benjamin Melki writes "We would like to inform the nanotechnology community about the recent launch of our internet site: This site is now an international nanotechnology business directory…. We aim to help the nano business community to locate local or international partners, companies or competitors through our organized and searchable database. [We offer] detailed listing capabilities; allowing companies to use maximum page space to describe their business … We invite nano companies to check if they are listed on our site and to register (for free)."

CRN Wins Top Honors

Posted by Jim Lewis on February 7th, 2004

Mike Treder writes "CRN is pleased and proud to announce that we have been designated as 'Best Advocate' and 'Best of the Best' for 2003 by Nanotechnology Now." st-2003.htm

Market place for nanotechnology domain names

Posted by Jim Lewis on November 12th, 2003

Benj writes " a Market for already registered nanotechnology domain names.

Nanotechnology legislation introduced into US House

Posted by Jim Lewis on October 28th, 2002

from the nanotechnology-goes-to-Washington dept.
Gina Miller writes "House Gets Own Nanotech Legislation to Consider, a story carried on on Oct. 18, reports legislation introduced into the US House of Representatives that would establish an independent advisory board comprised of leaders from industry and academia to provide oversight related to the government's National Nanotechnology Initiative (NNI)."

MIT Nano Lab tools empower researchers

Posted by Jim Lewis on October 22nd, 2002

from the making-dents-in-hard-problems dept.
Nanotech Goes Mainstream, an article by Alexandra Stikeman in the October 2002 Technology Review, describes how "The new NanoMechanical Technology Laboratory brings a burgeoning field closer to the real world." The new facility at MIT is equipped with instruments like nanoindentors, atomic force microscopes, and computer workstations for running three-dimensional simulations of materials. These tools help researchers study materials across a range of disciplines and applications, including materials for hard disk drives, composites of biological and inorganic materials, and experiments to discover the mechanical properties of tissues and cells.