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Finland invests 80 million euros in nanotechnology

Posted by RobertBradbury on November 26th, 2004

Tekes writes "The Technology Agency of Finland, Tekes launches FinNano technology programme on 1st January 2005. The total duration of the programme is five years, 2005 ñ 2009. The costs of the programme are Ä 45 million, including Ä 25 million in research funding, and Ä 20 million in corporate financing.

Mirkin Receives NIH Director’s Pioneer Award

Posted by RobertBradbury on October 28th, 2004

Wendy Emanuel writes "Nanosphere Inc. Founder, Chad A. Mirkin, Ph.D., Wins First NIH Directorís Pioneer Award. More…

Ed. Note. We realize this is older news but readers should understand that there is a backlog of submissions to nanodot that we are slowly attempting to work through without dropping things off the front page too quickly.

European Nanobusiness Association Launches Job Center

Posted by RobertBradbury on October 28th, 2004

Pamela Bailey writes "Alameda, CA and Brussels, Belgium ñ October 28, 2004 ñ The European Nanobusiness Association (ENA), an industrial and trade organisation founded to promote the professional development of the emerging business of nanotechnology at the European level, announced today the launch of a Career Center that focuses on European jobs in nanotechnology. The job center will be hosted by tinytechjobs and can be found at: more….

OLED nanotechnology displays

Posted by RobertBradbury on October 23rd, 2004

Michael E. Thomas writes "The small size of ferroelectric transparent structures makes it possible to fabricate nano-optical devices like volume holographic storage. Both positive and negative index of refraction that will allow molecular particles of an atomic size to be modified, controlled, and changed to perform a specific function, desired task, used for low cost accurate chemical / biological matter detection, and reprogrammed to accept new non-volatile data and molecular functions. My invention and U.S. Patents, exclusively licensed to Colossal Storage Corporation on a technique for changing matter at the molecular level is one of the World's only new enabling technologies, having many hundreds of electro-optic applications, a few of which are discussed in this article: tter&func=viewpub&tid=4&pid=6."

Nanosphere Expands Multi-Million Dollar Contract

Posted by RobertBradbury on October 23rd, 2004

Wendy Emanuel writes "Nanosphere, a nanotechnology-based life sciences company, announced today it has expanded its multi-million dollar development contract with the U.S. Government Technical Support Working Group (TSWG). The company also announced the receipt of a $750,000 Phase II grant from the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID).