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Debate on radical life extension

Posted by Christine Peterson on January 4th, 2008

One of the Foresight Challenges is “Improving Health and Longevity”, which we take to be a positive goal for nanotechnology and biotech. Not everyone sees it that way, as we find in a recent online debate over at Cato’s online forum called Cato Unbound: Each month, Cato Unbound will present an essay on a big-picture [...]

Speed benefits, reduce downsides of nanotechnology by Dec. 31

Posted by Christine Peterson on December 28th, 2007

Only four days left to make your 2007 donation to Foresight, and help us complete our Challenge Grant. See the Challenge web page to see how close we are to meeting our goal. From the page: Please consider making a one-time donation, or renewing/upgrading your membership, to qualify for matching of your donation. You’ll be [...]

Keep Nanodot going for 2008: Help with Challenge Grant by Dec. 31

Posted by Christine Peterson on December 20th, 2007

We hope you find Nanodot useful all year long. Now we need some assistance from our loyal readers: we have a Challenge Grant going, with every dollar you donate being matched one-for-one up to US$40K. But as of today we’re only about a quarter of the way to our goal. You can track our progress [...]

Nanotechnology for surveillance vs. privacy

Posted by Christine Peterson on December 13th, 2007

Nanowerk brings our attention to a story at looking at anticipated developments in sensing and monitoring: At their annual meeting this fall in Montreal, there was little of the traditional talk among the international privacy people about the nuts and bolts of data protection. Instead, there were urgent and distressed discussions about “uberveillance,” “ambient [...]

Eight nanotechnology scenarios sketch possibilities

Posted by Christine Peterson on December 11th, 2007

CRN has been working on eight scenarios for advanced nanotechtechnology, and they are now available. You can get a quick feel for them by their titles: Scenario 1: Secret Military Development Scenario 2: Positive Expectations Scenario 3: Negative Drivers Scenario 4: Presidential Commission Scenario 5: … And Not a Drop to Drink Scenario 6: A [...]

Get your nanotechnology radio fix

Posted by Christine Peterson on December 5th, 2007

For those of us who can’t get enough nanotechnology info, now there’s a one-hour radio show/podcast every week to download and enjoy while you drive or work out, hosted by industry analyst Marlene Bourne: “Next-generation science and technology, and the cool products that are being developed as a result, are captivating subjects,” said Ms. Bourne. [...]

Nanotechnology: Is decentralized control feasible?

Posted by Christine Peterson on December 4th, 2007

Jamais Cascio offers four nanotechnology policy scenarios over at CRN, looking at options resulting from two axes: centralized vs. decentralized, and precautionary vs. proactionary. His two decentralized scenarios describe some territory similar to that which Foresight is investigating as part of our Decentralized Physical Security project: The third scenario, combining Distributed rule-making and Proactionary technology [...]

Israel competes for nanotechnology philanthropy

Posted by Christine Peterson on December 3rd, 2007

Everyone is pursuing private donors for their nanotechnology research, and Israel is very serious about it, matching private nanotech fund donations made from outside the country, as reported in EE Times: The country’s nanotechnology program, called the Israel National Nanotechnology Initiative (INNI) provides 3-to-1 matching funds for all private donations to nanotech centers, effectively producing [...]

Nanotechnology education online: more free resources

Posted by Christine Peterson on November 30th, 2007

Yesterday we highlighted MIT’s work in getting their course materials online. But many other schools with courses relevant to nanotech have been working on similar goals, especially UC Berkleley. For a useful overview of what’s out there, see Jimmy Ruska’s page on Free Education (it covers all fields, not just nanotechnology). An excerpt: Ranked as [...]

Get a free nanotechnology education via MIT

Posted by Christine Peterson on November 29th, 2007

Like many MIT alumni, I have decidedly mixed feelings about the school, but one program to be entirely pleased with is OCW: OpenCourseWare, the free online provision of MIT course materials. They just reached a major milestone: Join us as we celebrate the publication of virtually the entire MIT curriculum — 1800 courses — on [...]

Nanotechnology art competition deadline Dec 31

Posted by Christine Peterson on November 27th, 2007

Words can’t really get across the essence of the nanoscale and potential of nanotechnology, but images can do much better. That’s why Foresight encourages participation in the NanoArt competition: FREE Entries NanoArt 2007 INTERNATIONAL ONLINE COMPETITION Submission deadline December 31, 2007. Open to All Artists and Scientists – Three Electron Microscope Scans are provided as [...]

$40K Nanotechnology Challenge Grant: Watch our progress

Posted by Christine Peterson on November 26th, 2007

Foresight Nanotech Institute has received a large Challenge Grant, but to fulfill the challenge we need to raise $40K in matching gifts. You can watch our progress on the pie chart as we work toward our goal. Are you up for the nanotech challenge? Thanks to contributions like yours, we’ve been able to advance beneficial [...]

Second Life gets Nanotechnology Island

Posted by Christine Peterson on November 20th, 2007

On October 8, some of us were in the air on our way to the Productive Nanosystems Conference (pdf). Others — specifically, — were blogging about the new Nanotechnology Island in Second Life: Dave Taylor, of the National Physical Laboratory (in the UK), explains that some of the key objectives are to: “provide resources [...]

Nanotechnology to reduce testing on animals?

Posted by Christine Peterson on November 19th, 2007

Most of us avoid thinking much about the testing of human products on animals to check for safety. It’s distressing and we wish there were another, better way. Nanotech should eventually make such testing entirely obsolete, and the early stages of this process have begun. You can hear the latest in London this May at [...]

Nanotechnology at Google tonight, thanks to MIT

Posted by Christine Peterson on November 15th, 2007

As mentioned previously, tonight MIT alums geek out on nanotechnology in 15 cities around the US. I speculated that non-alums might be able to get in if they try, and sure enough, it seems that they can — at least in the Bay Area, where the event appears to have opened up to the entire [...]

MIT alums to geek out on nanotechnology in 15 cities

Posted by Christine Peterson on November 2nd, 2007

Most nanotechnology emails I receive are because the sender knows I have some connection to the field professionally. This one came due only to my being an MIT alum. The nanotech event described is only for such alumni, but I bet it’s possible to get in some other way if you try hard enough: “It’s [...]

4 PM today, Oct. 31: Unconference deadline

Posted by Christine Peterson on October 31st, 2007

If you are planning to attend this year’s Foresight Vision Weekend Unconference in Silicon Valley this weekend, now is definitely the time to register, since registration closes today at 4 PM Pacific time. After that, you will need to phone Alicia Isaac at +1 (650) 289 0860 ext 254 or email her at to [...]

Inspirational nanotechnology images on new site

Posted by Christine Peterson on October 26th, 2007

Getting experimental results in nanotechnology can be a long, hard slog — those doing this work need and deserve inspiration. Beautiful nanoscale images — both of current results and future designs — can help. Damian Allis shows us some of his own images in his post about a new nanoscale art/gallery site called Nanohedron. From [...]

Nanotechnology Roadmap to be critiqued, expanded — Deadline Oct. 31

Posted by Christine Peterson on October 25th, 2007

A draft version of the Productive Nanosystems Roadmap was distributed to attendees at the similarly-named conference (PDF) in DC on Oct. 9-10. Now participants at the Foresight Vision Weekend will be critiquing and planning expansions of this first roadmap for atomically-precise manufacturing. IMPORTANT: REGISTRATION DEADLINE IS 4 PM, WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 31. In addition to the [...]

Nanotechnology "Unconference" now open to general public

Posted by Christine Peterson on October 19th, 2007

Registration for Foresight’s Nov. 3-4 Vision Weekend focused on nanotechnology and other advanced technologies — traditionally restricted to Foresight Senior Associates — is being opened to the general public this year as an experiment. Space is limited and participants are advised to register very soon. To warm up for our Sat/Sun afternoon unconference, in the [...]