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Nanotechnology Roadmap for Atomically Precise Manufacturing Now Available

Posted by Christine Peterson on January 29th, 2008

Dear Foresight members and friends: It is with great pleasure that we announce the availability of the first Technology Roadmap for Productive Nanosystems. Some of you have seen earlier drafts, but the document is now official. Files can be downloaded at: Below is the text of the press release going out today. We look [...]

World Economic Forum takes on nanotechnology

Posted by Christine Peterson on January 28th, 2008

Nanowerk brings news that the World Economic Forum is both rewarding nanotechnology pioneers and taking a look at potential risks of nanoparticles. Excerpts: Over the past few years, the Global Risk Network team has released an annual report. This years’ report “Global Risks 2008″ (pdf download, 1.6 MB) was published two weeks ago. In it, [...]

New strategic plan for U.S. Nanotechnology Initiative

Posted by Christine Peterson on January 7th, 2008

On January 2 a press release was issued announcing an updated Strategic Plan (PDF) for the U.S. National Nanotechnology Initiative. For those of us interested in molecular nanosystems and atomically-precise manufacturing, it’s disappointing. I haven’t read the whole thing, but this is the closest wording I could find on a quick skim: A key challenge [...]

Nanotechnology: Predictions through 2025

Posted by Christine Peterson on December 31st, 2007

As we close out Nanodot for 2007, we note some predictions for the future of nanotechnology through 2025 from Peter von Stackelberg: “Between the end of the first decade of the 21st century and 2025, a number of gamechangers will need to occur if nanotech is to advance significantly,” von Stackelberg says. These gamechangers include: [...]

Lloyds of London takes on nanotechnology

Posted by Christine Peterson on December 12th, 2007

The reinsurance firm Swiss Re is rather farther along on nanotechnology, but Lloyd’s of London is starting to step up to the question of how to insure nanotech. They had a recent conference to launch their new report Nanotechnology: Recent Developments, Risks and Opportunities (PDF). As one would expect, it mainly focuses on nanoparticles, but [...]

Eight nanotechnology scenarios sketch possibilities

Posted by Christine Peterson on December 11th, 2007

CRN has been working on eight scenarios for advanced nanotechtechnology, and they are now available. You can get a quick feel for them by their titles: Scenario 1: Secret Military Development Scenario 2: Positive Expectations Scenario 3: Negative Drivers Scenario 4: Presidential Commission Scenario 5: … And Not a Drop to Drink Scenario 6: A [...]

Make money publishing your nanotechnology research

Posted by Christine Peterson on December 7th, 2007

Here’s a different model of research publishing: nanotechnology researchers can now publish their nanotech work and get paid via journal-related advertising and sponsorship, over at AZojono, the “online journal of nanotechnology”: • Authors receive a revenue share of 50% of the related revenue their contributions attract. • Peer reviewers receive a revenue share of 20%. [...]

Nanotechnology roadmap for atomically-precise manufacturing

Posted by Christine Peterson on November 28th, 2007

An article in Small Times by Paul Burrows of Pacific Northwest National Laboratory covers the Technology Roadmap for Productive Nanosystems (TRPN) aimed at Atomically-Precise Manufacturing (APM), a joint project of Foresight Nanotech Institute and Battelle, funded by the Waitt Family Foundation and by Sun Microsystems. Some excerpts: The Foresight-Battelle roadmap aimed to address this “vision [...]

Nanotechnology in Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists

Posted by Christine Peterson on November 16th, 2007

In their current issue, the folks who usually focus on nuclear war take a look ahead to nanotech war, via a book review by CRN’s Mike Treder of the book Military Nanotechnology: Potential Applications and Preventive Arms Control by Jürgen Altmann. Deeply researched and carefully worded, Military Nanotechnology is an overview of an emerging technology [...]

Nanotechnology Roadmap to be critiqued, expanded — Deadline Oct. 31

Posted by Christine Peterson on October 25th, 2007

A draft version of the Productive Nanosystems Roadmap was distributed to attendees at the similarly-named conference (PDF) in DC on Oct. 9-10. Now participants at the Foresight Vision Weekend will be critiquing and planning expansions of this first roadmap for atomically-precise manufacturing. IMPORTANT: REGISTRATION DEADLINE IS 4 PM, WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 31. In addition to the [...]

Heritage Foundation: Conservative on nanotechnology too

Posted by Christine Peterson on September 21st, 2007

The Heritage Foundation portrays itself as a conservative think tank, and by gosh, they are! Specifically, they are conservative on the longer term prospects for nanotechnology: In the more distant future, combining nanocomputers, sensors, and nanomechanical architectures into one system would make possible autonomously targeted and guided projectiles, such as bullets and rockets. Nanotechnology could [...]

Nanotechnology ethics book is surprisingly fun

Posted by Christine Peterson on August 28th, 2007

“Fun” is not the first word that comes to mind when the topic of ethics comes up, but the new book Nanoethics: the Ethical and Social Implications of Nanotechnology manages to include a surprising amount of it. Topics include the end of biological aging, body enhancement, privacy, military use, exponential manufacturing, space development, AI, and [...]

New ACS Nanotechnology journal free for 2007

Posted by Christine Peterson on August 24th, 2007

There seem to already be an awful lot of nanotechnology and nanoscience journals out there, but ACS feels there’s room for another: ACS Nano. Editor Paul Weiss — who does “molecular motor-driven assembly“, which sounds fascinating — explains: One of the great traditions of the chemical sciences is that one’s work can be reproduced anywhere [...]

Cleaning up environment with nanotechnology

Posted by Christine Peterson on August 21st, 2007, a nanotechnology gateway site in Europe, has published results from a workshop “Nanotechnologies for Environmental Remediation” (free reg req’d): The issues of environmental remediation are quite substantial and poorly addressed by conventional technologies. They include access to clean drinking water, removal of airborne pollutants, and the clean-up of industrially contaminated sites (in particular ex-military [...]

Does public engagement in nanotechnology work?

Posted by Christine Peterson on August 9th, 2007

Nanowerk brings to our attention a new report Democratic technologies? The final report of the Nanotechnology Engagement Group (pdf) which examines the success or otherwise of various attempts at public engagement in nanotech. The foreword by Prof. Richard Jones ends: This report summarises the experiences of public engagement on nanotechnologies that have taken place over [...]

Nanotechnology bill introduced by Rep. Honda

Posted by Christine Peterson on August 8th, 2007

US Rep. Mike Honda (D-San Jose), who has played a key role in previous US nanotechnology legislation and won the 2005 Foresight Institute Government Prize, has introduced a wide-ranging new nanotech bill, described by Nanowerk. In addition to addressing risks: The NANO ACT includes a number of provisions to create partnerships, raise awareness, and implement [...]

Nanotechnology explored in new Nanoethics book

Posted by Christine Peterson on August 2nd, 2007

The new book Nanoethics: The Ethical and Social Implications of Nanotechnology is now out. From the press release: Examining the impact of nanotechnology on society, “Nanoethics: The Ethical and Social Implications of Nanotechnology”…offers incisive essays on the potential risks and rewards of applications of nanotechnology written by both proponents and critics of this burgeoning technology. [...]

Nanotechnology to fight climate change

Posted by Christine Peterson on July 23rd, 2007

Most of us are somewhat-to-very concerned about climate change — how can nanotechnology help? Nanowerk brings our attention to a UK report (pdf) looking at how relatively conservative nanotech advances could make a contribution: The study concludes that nanotechnology is likely to have a significant positive effect on the UK’s green house gas emissions: “From [...]

Nanotechnology risk governance to include weapons

Posted by Christine Peterson on July 13th, 2007

In the postal mail today was the paper copy of a 6-7 July 2006 conference report: “The Risk Governance of Nanotechnology: Recommendations for Managing a Global Issue” (link to PDF) held at the Swiss Re Centre for Global Dialogue last summer. This well-run and highly international meeting is the highest profile meeting to include consideration [...]

Nanotechnology researchers speak out

Posted by Christine Peterson on July 12th, 2007

The University of South Carolina has released a survey of nanotechnology researchers’ views on various nanotech issues. For example, most agreed that: Nanotechnology will draw more students into science, engineering and math than would otherwise have chosen to study in these fields. I think this is already true — after all, students have been reading [...]