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Collected Coverage of May NanoBusiness Conference

Collected Coverage of May NanoBusiness Conference Numerous press reports of the NanoBusiness Spring 2002 conference, organized by the NanoBusiness Alliance (NBA) and held 19-21 May 2002 in New York City, covered the diversity of presentations made during the conference:

  • A report from United Press International ("Nanotech's development called inevitable", by Scott Burnell, 20 May 2002) described the visionary presentation by Ray Kurzweil on the potential capabilities of advanced nanotechnology, as well as brief mention of the remarks made by former U.S. House Speaker New Gringrich.
  • Gingrichís remarks received more extensive coverage in a similar piece on the Small Times website ("Visionaries see the promise and the nightmare of nanotech", by Jack Mason, 21 May 2002) that also included coverage of Kurzweilís speech.
  • Additional coverage of Gingrichís keynote address appeared on the Wired website ("Newt Gingrich Gets Small", by Patrick Di Justo, 20 May 2002).

Coverage of the business and venture capital perspectives on the emerging nanotech sector:

  • Another item from Scott Burnell at UPI ("Private funding limited for nanotech", 21 May 2002) noted that "Long lead times for payback on investments probably will discourage venture capitalists from funding nanotechnology start-up companies for some time, [conference] speakers said."
  • The cautious approach of some venture capitalists toward nanotech investments was highlighted in an item from CNETís website ("With nanotech, VCs are playing it safe", by Tiffany Kary, 23 May 2002). The article also appeared on the New York Times website.
  • A somewhat different perspective was offered by a piece on the Wired website ("Big Bucks From Little Science", by Patrick Di Justo, 23 May 2002).
  • Finally, waynerad noted "This article at nanotechweb is from a participant at two nanotechnology business and investment conferences in the US (Nanotech Planet in San Jose and the NanoBusiness Alliance's NanoBusiness Spring in New York City). He says, 'Despite the worst conditions for raising funding for a decade, venture capital and professional services companies are scrambling to get a piece of nanotech.'"

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