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“Untangling the Future” feature in Business 2.0

Gina Miller writes "Business 2.0 June 2002 issue has a feature called "Untangling the Future". The author, Paul Saffo, discusses the difficulty with predicting future technologies due to his observation of non linear progress. He conjectures that advances are "spawned" and "cross pollinated" by others, with this in mind he has created a pdf map of future technologies with new disciplines — for example, Molecular manufacturing or Cognitronics. Also included, a timeline pdf of these future disciplines and another Business 2.0 article that can be linked to at the bottom of the page called 8 Technologies That Will Change the World."

One Response to ““Untangling the Future” feature in Business 2.0”

  1. Mr_Farlops Says:

    What about robotics?

    There seems to be two glaring omissions from this prognostication: robotics and MEMS. Perhaps Mr. Saffo doesn't think these two areas will tie into or interact with the other areas he cites. But I can think of at least two examples:

    1. MEMS to deliver drugs to diseased tissue
    2. Robotics speeding the development of bionics.

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