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U.S. Army program to foster nanotech in academia, industry

An extensive article on the Small Times website ("U.S. Army plans new center to develop military nanotech", by Doug Brown, 25 June 2002) reports that "The United States Army is reaching out to academia and industry to build a technology research campus that will simultaneously help armaments developers exploit nanotechnology and shepherd to the marketplace nanotechnology applications and products. . . . The partnerships have not been established yet. The Army is soliciting proposals for research from universities and businesses."

According to the article, "The U.S. Army Armament Research, Development and Engineering Center (ARDEC) at New Jerseyís Picatinny Arsenal near New York City is committed to nanotechnology, said Mark Mezger, nanotechnologies program coordinator at the arsenal. The hope, he said, is that the Armyís investment in nanotechnology combined with industry and academic research will lead to a ìNano Valleyî in northern New Jersey."

One Response to “U.S. Army program to foster nanotech in academia, industry”

  1. Mr_Farlops Says:

    Time for some arms control agreements?

    With the Canadians, Chinese, Russians, British, Israelis, French, Mexicans, South Africans, Indians, Indonesians, etc., etc. all beginning to jump on the bandwagon, isn't it time for some military research agreements?

    Or is this all doomed to failure?

    How do we arrange things so that all countries conducting nanotech research see that it's in their own best interest to conduct it in the open?

    How do we do this without turning the world into a panopticon run by a police state? Or, much more likely I think, a panopticon run by multinational corporations who buy influence in international policy to rigidly enforce regressive IP law?

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