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Small Wonders in Business 2.0

Gina Miller writes "Tim Harper has written a feature in the July 2002 issue of Business 2.0, Small Wonders, covering the advent of nanotechnology. He writes "What's the real story? Simply this: What is happening in nanotech is indeed revolutionary, but it's happening on a level far removed from products and markets. It's happening on the level of a fundamental understanding of how the universe operates at the scale of atoms and molecules, where Mother Nature does some of her most clever work. Some of the world's top scientists, in disciplines such as biology, chemistry, and physics that are traditionally seen as separate, are focusing on the field. With this will come an explosion of discovery, encouraged by government funding — $2 billion worldwide this year — unseen since the Apollo space program." The article describes current nanotech products and those that will arrive in the coming years."

4 Responses to “Small Wonders in Business 2.0

  1. Mr_Farlops Says:

    So what stance should Foresight adopt?

    The article mostly focuses on the coming advances of nanoscale bulk technologies, which, for better or worse, have come to be perceived by the public as nanotechnology.

    That's fine and if that's what we mean by nanotechnology, then yes, a revolution is in the making. If that makes for a better case to get capital and government investment, then so be it.

    But on other hand, perhaps someone should start writing articles about how breakthroughs in nanoscale bulk technology will lead to machine-phase nanotechology, the real nanotechology. Perhaps these articles should stress that it is a mistake to ignore that connection between the two. I understand the need to counter the hype that is already common about nano-bulk but we want to also avoid any surprises when machine-phase suddenly emerges.

  2. RobertBradbury Says:

    Responding to Tim Harper

    I agree and am working on it. In particular, Tim has published "Top 10 nanomyths", located here and here. I directing my responses at specific "nanomyths" and will publish a URL when I've finished the article.

    While I understand Tim wanting to promote legitimate nanotechnology that is here today, I don't think he should do it at the expense of developing real machine-phase nanotechnology.

  3. Mr_Farlops Says:

    Re:Responding to Tim Harper

    In addition to correcting some of simplifications of Mr. Harper, and others of the media, (Which is definitely necessary!) someone should also write a few high-profile articles that specifically focus on what machine-phase nano is and is not, why it's not here yet and why we should still take it seriously.

  4. bugstuff Says:

    Re:Why Machine Phase Nano Is Not Here Yet.

    Mr. Harper,

    I found your article, The Future of Nanotechnology, ( currently posted at : ) to be informative and indeed very helpful.

    Please find below a general comment on the following excerpt from your feature article:

    >The wilder imaginings of some nanotech fans are >likely to stay in the realm of science fiction >for a long time, maybe forever. But in the real >world, the front edge of the nanotech wave is >here, and it's gaining momentum. It will affect >almost every aspect of our lives. And it will >happen sooner than most people think.

    If a CEO is earning $10 or 15 million dollars per year managing a company manufacturing conventional products why make quick changes? After all, the CEO and his loved ones and friends are living the good life. The relatively few lucky stock holders are happy. A person who is earning $10 or 15 million dollars per year will do anything in his or her power to preserve the status quo.

    As stated on the X-files "the Truth is Out There." Generally, this is the true reason the " wilder imaginings of some nanotech fans are likely to stay in the realm of science fiction for a long time and maybe forever.

    Society will need to be challenged to move progressively forward. Brilliant people will have to put their heads together to devise new business models and solutions to problems.

    Think about this: Many of the new materials created by nantechnology may be virtually indestructable or extremely long lasting and enduring. The use of indestructable materials will naturally decrease sales revenues. What will be the motivation for a company to produce products that will not break down so that consumers will not have to buy another product?

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