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Moletronics will change everything

from the I'll-have-a-mole-of-moletronics-please dept.
CPhillips reports on story from the July issue of Wired magazine: "It describes the research and potential impact of molecular electronics. Jim Tour (Rice) and Mark Reed (Yale) are the main focus of the article. The article also makes brief mention of the National Nanotechnology Initiative and the research being done at Hewlett-Packard. It's very interesting reading for lay-people like myself. This is almost enough for me to forgive Wired for Bill Joy's story!"

2 Responses to “Moletronics will change everything”

  1. kurt Says:

    Time to market for molectronics

    Does anyone in the know have any idea on when they expect to offer memory or CPU products based on this technology? I work with silicon process equipment and I'm wondering when this technology will start to cut in to our business.

  2. prion Says:

    spintronic RAM by IBM

    IBM already has an alpha prototype of a memory chip based on spin and not electric charge. It will be a few years before its mass marketable.

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