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Terabit/inch storage densities by ballistic magnetoresistance

from the very-small-contacts dept.

OwenMcCarthy writes "The EE Times reports that researchers in Buffalo are working towards terabit/inch storage densities by applying "nanocontacts" to traditional magnetic media.

By applying atomic-dimension "nanocontacts" to magnetic media, an experiment at the State University of New York here has revealed the potential of an effect known as "ballistic magnetoresistance." The tiny metal contacts showed a 3,000 percent change in magnetoresistance at low switching fields of a few hundred oersted.

Storage density has been increasing at a startling rate in the last couple of years; it was only a matter of time before the peculiar properties of the nanoscale would be exploited toward this end.

2 Responses to “Terabit/inch storage densities by ballistic magnetoresistance”

  1. fedrive Says:

    As data storage needs continue to expand we will

    need to make the best investments in technology
    not only for the earths requirements but
    for future space travel also.

    magnetic technology is easily destroyed by
    cosmic and magnetic radiation.

    ferroelectric perovskite storage technologies
    planned are uneffected.

    using non-contact methods for data transfer also
    offer much higher reliability than the proposed
    contact ballast magnoresistive storage.

  2. Anonymous Coward Says:

    Re:As data storage needs continue to expand we wil

    Reading this :: "ferroelectric perovskite storage technologies planned are uneffected." … and they (in theory) yield less than 5% of the theoretical density. The technology is still sound, even IF it can be killed by EMP and other types od radioactivity. Ferroelectrics are still 20 years off. Yeah …plan for the future.

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