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Recent movie flubs nanotech

from the Bots-in-the-blood dept.
Mr_Farlops writes "Scott Burnell, UPI's science journalist, skillfully (Well, I think it was skillful.) attempts to clear up some of the nanotechnology inaccuracies in the new movie, "Ballistic: Ecks v. Sever.""

3 Responses to “Recent movie flubs nanotech”

  1. RobertBradbury Says:

    The problem is time not content

    When I first read the review I thought, "That can't be right — most of what is being described can be done with existing biotech — you don't even need nanotech". So I called Scott and the devil is in the details. What he is really objecting to in the movie is that single nanobots cannot contain or manufacture enough material to kill someone "instantly". I would tend to agree with him on that. I suspect some minutes might be required. More typically an hour to a day or more. Of course one could get around this by simply injecting a lethal dose of such nanobots. I suspect that dose can be made quite small.

  2. Mr_Farlops Says:

    Re:The problem is time not content

    Anyway, the key thing is this is a journalist who cares enough about the subject matter to get his facts straight.

  3. RobertBradbury Says:

    Re:The problem is time not content

    That was the impression I got when I spoke with him. It warms my heart.

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