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Senate Committee passes nanotech bill

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Legislation to advance nanotechnology research and development advanced toward full Senate consideration, unanimously passing the Senate Commerce Committee on Sept. 19: Senate Committee Passes Nanotech Bill. For earlier coverage of the recent Senate scrutiny of nanotechnology, see Nanodot post of Sept. 18, 2002, the written opening statements of hearing witnesses, and Nanotechnology bill introduced in Senate. From Senate Committee Passes Nanotech Bill:

"The unanimous support of the Senate Commerce Committee is a very big step forward for this very small technology," [Sen. Joe Lieberman (D-Conn.)], who vowed to pushed to full Senate passage before the end of the year, said. "Nowhere in the world are the wheels of innovation spinning more rapidly than in the realm of nanotechnology. The U.S. certainly possesses the raw resources and talent to lead the world in developing this technology. Our legislation will provide the nation with a long-term focus and sustained commitment, and facilitate new collaborations between government, academia, and industry that will ensure our place at the head of the next wave of innovation."

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  2. Corwin Says:

    Bill Sponsorship

    Does anybody besides me just cringe at where this bill came from?


    I voted for Gore with gritted teeth, mainly because I have some serious issues with Lieberman.

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  4. Mr_Farlops Says:

    Re:Bill Sponsorship

    Well nanotech seems to be drawing some strong support from both ends of the political spectrum (remember Gingrich's nanotech advocacy?) so I guess it balances out in the end.

    Even still, I think that most politicians are going to be as clueless about nano as they are about the Internet, biotech and intellectual property. At least they are paying attention though. I'd much rather have them pay attention than not pay attention.

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