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Making Patterns in Diamond

from the diamond-NEMS-parts? dept.
Gina Miller writes "Silicon Strategies reports in Diamond used to break the mould that a Japanese team has developed a technique to build diamond moulds for what it calls nanoimprint lithography (NIL) to try to print rather than image features on chips. The team uses an electron beam lithography system to produce sub-100nm patterns, and is 'currently preparing a paper describing techniques for patterning three-dimensional diamond moulds.' I guess that we will have to see the paper to know if they have a path toward making diamondoid machinery pieces."

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  1. Fine Jewelry Says:

    Would there be any better cost effectiveness to do this instead of the way it is being done now? or does placing the images in a three dimensional diamond pattern make for more space saving? was just curious to know if the diamonds structured pattern will actually show a cost reduction.

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