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Medical Nanobot Image Wins “Science Concepts” Prize

from the nanomedicine-art-goes-mainstream dept.
Nanotechweb reported on Sept. 24, 2002 that Nanotechnology picture scoops prize "A nanotechnology image has won first prize in the 'Science Concepts' section of the 2002 Visions of Science Awards. The image shows a nanomedicine application, in which a 'nano-louse' device administers treatment to red blood cells." [A larger version of the image.] The image was created by digital illustrator Coneyl Jay and the award was originally reported in the Daily Telegraph (requires free registration).

3 Responses to “Medical Nanobot Image Wins “Science Concepts” Prize”

  1. RobertBradbury Says:


    At least they got the size scale about right. The only application I can think of for such a device (as depicted) would be searching for cells infected with malaria causing Plasmodium in the merozoite stage and delivering concentrated drugs that block their metabolism or kill them.

  2. Mr_Farlops Says:

    But where the heck are the motors?

    Looking at the illustration, I see no propulsion. How does this thing get around?

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