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Better Artificial Body Parts With Metal Nanobumps

Roland Piquepaille writes "Everybody seems concerned these days by the risks associated with the use of nanotechnologies. So I'm pleased to report that Purdue engineers have proven that metal nano-bumps could improve artificial body parts, such as hips or knees. They based their theory on a simple fact. Surface bumps on conventional alloys used in prostheses are in the micron range, while they are ten times smaller in natural bones, around 100 nanometers. They thought a reduction of the size of these bumps in the prostheses would also reduce the risk of rejection by the body. They limited their experiments to petri dishes, but showed that adherence of new body cells to their new metal alloys was dramatically better than with existing alloys. Ssveral years will pass before improved artificial hips come to market. But the needs are growing. This overview gives you more details and references."

3 Responses to “Better Artificial Body Parts With Metal Nanobumps”

  1. Anonymous Coward Says:

    Scaremongering intro

    Everybody seems concerned these days by the risks associated with the use of nanotechnologies.

    Not everybody, just the scaremongerers.

  2. Anonymous Coward Says:

    Re:Scaremongering intro

    Engineers and scientists tend to be highly constructive, at least when they hang up their advocacy caps. If a line of development raises the spectre of risks, these are assessed along with everything else that impacts on a design. If the assessment highlights a significant likelihood of danger then that adds more requirements to the process, that's all. This is all business as usual.

    Sowing fear is an instrument for derailing nanotechnological development. It certainly doesn't help.

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