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Two-Year Degree in Nanotechnology

dsiegel_spkn writes "Get a two year degree in nanotech [at Chippewa Valley Technical College]. Well, not quite yet."

dsiegel_spkn continues:

I wonder what sort of opportunities would open up for a person with a two-year associate degree in Nano Technology. This provides some indication how deep and how far the Nano Bug has worked itself into our culture.

From the article:

CVTC [Chippewa Valley Technical College] has received approval from the Wisconsin Board of Technical Colleges to investigate the feasibility of a two-year associate degree in nanotechnology.

The introduction of nanotechnology, by some accounts, will have as much or more impact on the twenty-first century as electricity had on the twentieth.

3 Responses to “Two-Year Degree in Nanotechnology”

  1. Mr_Farlops Says:

    I'm not especially impressed by this

    But then, as a self-taught web admin and computer technician, I am biased.

    It seems like they just recast the rather prosaic biotech and chemical technician associates degrees as nanotech. Basically spend two years learning how to clean the glassware, sweep up the lab and dot the eyes and cross the tees for the real scientists and engineers of industry.

    Which may still be pretty cool but, if you want to do the real research, university is your only option.

    My opinion is that if they offer an associates or certification for it, you can save a lot of money and just teach it to yourself with a good entry level position, some good texts and lots of work experience.

  2. Anonymous Coward Says:

    Re:I'm not especially impressed by this

    I agree with the comment even will go further. For two ears one can not learn much especially for "Degree in Nanotechnology" – the name just makes me laugh. Considering the complexity of the field of nanotech this looks like hijacking the name ( hope I am wrong ) for media use and I ma not sure that this is a good thing. My be more appropriate name would be "Technician in the Field of Nanotechnology" – but this does not sound so exiting, does it. It is interesting to see whether the people applying for this presumably hot degree will be required to know ATLEAST the structure of the hydrogen atom (hope I am wrong again).

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