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Nanotechnology’s Debut on the Cereal Box!

Gina Miller writes "Tired of re-reading those same old boring statistics on your cereal box, well I bet you would have loved to have this one on your breakfast table this morning! The German division of the Kellogg company has afforded room for nanotechnology on the entire backside of their 'Toppas' cereal. Now you see it … (PDF file)." Gina Miller continues:

An article (PDF) published by the Food Marketing Institute, converses with Manuel Marquez, Ph.D., Director of Nanotek Consortium (Kraft Foods Inc.). Marquez emphasizes the importance of nanotechnology not only in materials but in smart foods as well. This is an extensive article discussing many future applications speculated by Marquez and the author Jack Uldrich and well worth the read. In 2000 Kraft created the Nanoteck Consortium with hopes of being the first to market nano enhanced food products, including long lasting food and interactive beverages.

Read more on smart foods and nanotechnology at SmallTimes. Also visit this webpage for a chuckle inducing nanofood viewpoint. The etc group has cited the Nanotek Consortium in their Green Goo paper.

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  1. Qin Wang Says:

    To Whom It May Concern:

    It appears to be an interesting topic of food nanotechnology. However, I could not open either files, Written by Dr. Manuel Marquez and Dr. Gina Miller. Would you help me to send the pdf files to me? Thank you very much.

    Qin Wang

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