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President of India cites Nanosystems

Rosa Wang writes "In his address to a group earlier this year, just published in the press today in India, the President of India sees the future in nanotechnology. There is no ambiguity in their intent:"

Our future lies in nanotechnology
GUEST COLUMN | President A.P.J. Abdul Kalam
July 31

"When I think of nanoscience and nanotechnology, I am reminded of three personalities. The first person is Richard Feynman, who described the concept of 'building machines' atom by atom in his talk at Caltech titled 'There is plenty of room at the bottom'. The second person is Eric Drexler, who wrote the book titled Nanosystems, Molecular Machinery, Manufacturing and Computation. The third person is Prof C.N.R. Rao, who pioneered and fostered nano science research in India."

5 Responses to “President of India cites Nanosystems”

  1. Anonymous Coward Says:

    Good news for India

    This is excellent news for India and surrounding nations such as Bangladesh, where vast numbers of people are suffering and dying from Arsenic poisoning in their water supplies, something even 'simple' molecular manufacturing can end, by mass-assembling molecular level water filters. They also have a severe problem with rats and the Plague, still majorly effecting people there. Nanotech based medical devices and "pest slayers" could put an end to the rat infestations, and get rid of the Plague once and for all. Many poor folks there (and there are MANY) live off of the scrap in garbage heaps, molecular manufacturing can be used to end that.

  2. nano123 Says:

    Re:Good news for India

    In addition, strong and weather-resistant homes made of carbon nanotubes and diamond fiber can be manufactured extremely cheaply, quickly, and efficiently, eliminating homelessness. Every power-consuming device will be orders of magnitude more efficient, and roads could be cheaply paved with durable and efficient solar cells, eliminating pollution. Cheap, efficient, precise, and ultra-rapid nanofactories will make India an economic superpower. Such nanofactories could create powerful military systems such as lightweight blast-resistant armor, guided bullets and missiles with miniature guidance and control systems MILLIONS of times as powerful as the NEC Earth Simulator, and high-speed and high-altitude fighter jets far more advanced than anything in the current U.S. military arsenal. More advanced nanofactories could convert carbon dioxide, water, and dirt directly into any food, ending hunger. If India becomes the first to develop molecular nanotechnology, it will clearly be THE world superpower, making other nations seem almost indistinguishable from the 18th Century world. This is not likely to be good news for some of the surrounding nations.

  3. Anonymous Coward Says:

    Re:Good news for India

    Hmmm… another white racist barking ! ;-)

  4. jayakar Says:

    Integrated universities to be for Nanoscience

    On analyzing the concepts of Richard Feynman we can conclude that our assumptions on the fundamental building blocks of the universe, seems to be much far to be explored and we may have to think of a top-to-bottom approach to develop the applications on Nanoscience, which is of highly distributed and integrated human-efforts. The developments on Nanoscience without integrating the distributed universities of the globe may result in socio-economic chaos of the globe and hence the political-will to resolve this huddle is much more important to be considered in parallel. Hence our honorable Presidentís aspiration is highly appreciable, though there is lot of spontaneous and time-consuming, super-governance reformation-proceedings are anticipated with natural expectations.

  5. K Parhi Says:

    Nano’s the major and the best uses will be in the field of Compuer Sc./Electronics. The space at which we are moving it seems that within very recent future we will be seeing very fantastic use of Nano-Tech. But the huddles we may face in handling those implications. For that we should work on different kind of softwares which are required to hanle them. Hope brain-wave will play a major role.

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