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Documentary on Nanotechnology

nanobot writes "knh productions based in Toronto has made a documentary on nanotechnology. Produced by Ken Hama, Naomi Matsuura and Selva Nair, this documentary claims to explore "the hypes, hopes and facts of this fascinating field as seen through the eyes of award-winning scientists, industry leaders and writers." Find out more"

Ed. Note. It would appear that they may have confined themselves to researchers in Canada. None of the cited participants are names that I recognize as major players in "real" molecular nanotechnology. They may have interviewed some very fine scientists but there are a lot of fine scientists who haven't bothered to read (and understand) Nanosystems leaving the open question as to whether such a documentary could be considered balanced.

4 Responses to “Documentary on Nanotechnology”

  1. Kadamose Says:

    No one understands the bigger picture.

    I'm personally sick and tired of hearing how Nanotechnology will make materials stronger and lighter – we've heard it all before, and it's a no-brainer. What these scientists should be talking about is the societal impacts of Nanotechnology – things such as: immortality, the death of the monetary system as we know it, space colonization, and complete control over nature and the universe, itself. Everything else is insignificant in comparison.

  2. Kadamose Says:

    A REALLY good documentary was:

    FREE ENERGY: The Race to Zero Point.

    If people want to make a interesting and very watchable documentary on Nanotechnology, they should take some notes from this example.

    Seeing the Hutchinson Effect in action is really a marvel to behold.

  3. Anonymous Coward Says:

    Re:A REALLY good documentary was:

    Interestingly enough, Thomas Valone over at wrote a paper about the feasibility of quantum vacuum fluctuation ie zero point radiation/energy engineering, and one of the points he raises is that MEMS and Nanotechnology Assemblers etc can be used to build arrays of zero point energy atomic diodes, which tap into this sea of energy, and experimental work regarding that is here now. Check out

  4. Anonymous Coward Says:

    Re:No one understands the bigger picture.

    That's too "star trekkie" and people aren't ready to hear it even if it's the truth.

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