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Greenpeace UK position on nanotech: it depends

Christine Peterson points out a letter from Greenpeace UK Chief Scientist Doug Parr to the editors of the Times regarding comments from Tracy Brown from Sense About Science asserting that Greenpeace is opposed to nanotechnology. It appears that is not entirely accurate. They may support nanotechnology if a case can be made that the benefits outweigh the risks.

One Response to “Greenpeace UK position on nanotech: it depends”

  1. jayakar Says:

    Spontaneous regulatory-reformations

    As our knowledge on today over the matters of nature is limited, it may be inappropriate for us to analyze whether the benefits of Nanoscience outweigh its risks or not. As for as the nano-scale material development is concerned, so far there is no direct environmental risks can be predicted and the risk is only due to our inability to integrate its distributed developments and the unavailability of appropriate portals for the dissemination of its utilities, which may have socio-economic impacts on the globe. Yet, the mysterious depth of nanoscience cannot be predicted and the regulatory-reformations may be considered as spontaneous.

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