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Online Nanomedicine conference

EurekaAlert/AAAS will be having an online chat/conference Jan. 12 2005 from 10-12 AM EST. The URL:

You can submit questions before the chat session.

The panel they have assembled appears to involve several well informed experts from a biomedical standpoint — whether they are well informed from a nanomedical standpoint could be a provocative topic for conversation.

Even if you cannot make the conversation please do submit your questions for discussion.

Anything and all we can do to engage and/or educate the the more classic academic school is time well spent.

6 Responses to “Online Nanomedicine conference”

  1. jayakar Says:

    Request for online chat tool & login details

    Please let us know the online conferencing (chat) tool for the delegates and the conference registration proceedings (login details).

  2. jayakar Says:

    Re:Request for online chat tool & login de

    Sorry, already the details are provided in the page ñ I have not noticed when viewed in hurry.

  3. RobertBradbury Says:

    Chat mechanics

    It would appear that to participate in the talk that one may have had to have registered with EurekAlert. (Though I'm not sure about this.) Since processing a registration takes 1 busienss day I may not be able to join the chat.

    If anyone knows something different please post them here.

  4. RobertBradbury Says:

    How I think it works…

    It looks like the chat will be on this URL
    while one submits a question on this URL
    Its a cumbersome format IMO.

  5. RobertBradbury Says:

    More information about chat

    It would also appear that you may have to reload the chat page to view the ongoing chat.

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