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Brookhaven College says laws of physics “no longer applicable” to nanoscale structures

In their nanotech definition, Brookhaven College explains: "The laws of physics, chemistry, and biology are no longer applicable to nanoscale structures… Brookhaven College, in partnership with Rice University is helping to educate teachers and the public about this emerging field." Having those laws no longer work is going to make design work much trickier. (grin)

3 Responses to “Brookhaven College says laws of physics “no longer applicable” to nanoscale structures”

  1. Chemisor Says:

    On a related note…

    The laws of science no longer apply because people don't consider science an important subject, and, therefore, don't bother learning the laws of science. This way those useless science courses could be terminated and replaced with more important subjects like "computer games", or "health and exercise science". Read the linked article for a sad list of subjects considered important by our civilization.

  2. Anonymous Coward Says:

    Re:On a related note…

    I believe that chemistry is important, but we live in a capitalist world and the job market in Deindustialised Britain does not require chemists. Unlike in France, there is no real Govermental surport for the tech industry. Therefore, universities taking their lead from the goverment decide to make a profit. Eleggua

  3. jayakar Says:

    Integrated laws of Physics, Chemistry, Biology

    The appropriate laws of Physics, Chemistry and Biology to be integrated for the back-end developments on Nanoscience; and hence the nano-scale materials to be assigned accordingly.

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