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Nanoscale field emission effects

Ok, I'm at a loss. We have a report from U Wis.-Mad. regarding the ability to construct structures someplace between MEMS and MNT. The diagram is looking like things are on the micrometer scale yet the effects seem to be being produced at the nanometer scale. Is this or isn't this nanotechnology?

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  1. tylorsama Says:

    Nanoscale field emitter

    Most of the micron scale device obvious in the SEM image are just electrodes. The active field emitting element apparently measures 80x80x50 nm. The article doesn't appear to be out yet, but they most likely defined this structure with e-beam lithography. As even relatively bad ebeam lithography systems can do 15 nm line widths, they have plent of room to shrink the active element and explore new nanoscale field emission behavior. Not really MNT though.

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