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Nano-buzzword based marketing

Dr_Barnowl writes "A somewhat dubious product was recently released by BatMax (See here for technical details.) It was apparently convincing enough to be posted by a Slashdot moderator (here).

The company basically claims it can drastically improve the performance of your mobile phone battery with what amounts to a stick-on decal. The spurious and unscientific descriptions of the technology (allegedly) involved are nothing special, apart from the association with nanotechnology.

It would seem that it's not just manufacturers of sunblock, tennis rackets and trousers that have cottoned on to the "magical" properties of putting a *10-9 in your product blurb. If this becomes commonplace, what kind of damage will it do to the funding prospects of projects promising similarly outrageous (but scientifically feasible) benefits as a result of genuine MNT?"

Ed. Note: Hmmm… a "nano-ceramic" — aren't most ceramics "nano-" in nature?

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  1. artfldgr Says:

    Artfldgr's thread takes BatMax apart!!!-

    see the posts on physorg… Artfldgr's post takes them o task!

  2. artfldgr Says:

    Re:Artfldgr's thread takes BatMax apart!!!-

    whoops…link was killed.. here is a copy of the post… Note that in the article and their website they manage to hit every hot marketing term that confuses people.. in this and the site you will find oxidation, oxidizers, rejuvination, nano, natural, oscillating energies, envoronmentally friendly, protection of the global environment, reduce global chemical pollution, help prevent global warming, promote cleaner air, convenience, exclusively developed, nanoceramic, laboratory research, natural stone, silicon, protective film, ions, oscillation energy, directly affect, electro-magnetic, XXX Times a value, ambient air ionization, Extends, Reduces, Prolongs, eliminates, protects, amazin performances (why plural?), simply, exclusive, real tech sounding name IonXR. they also have no distributors, nothing whatsoever… but then there is only one testimonial from an attorney.. hmmmm… and that letter uses these marketing nonsense words… virtual workplace, veritable lifeline, office model, critical, watchin in horror (i like this one personally cause i want to watch people all around me reacting in horror to all kinds of nonsense.. as well as watching all those lone people walking up and down the beach as stated in personals), critcal phone call. without cumbersm cables and attachements (implying the only alternative are jumper cables), non-intrusive, fashion, critcal tool, enhancing…. i replied with some points (its all too big so here is a selection) as stated in the post that it doesnít matter whether you put it on the phone or the battery… (shows they aint too smart.. because if you have multiple batteries and you put it on the phone then you would only need one, but if you HAD to put it on the battery, they would have more sales!) Extends battery life by 30% up to 200% / suddenly a battery has MORE energy because of a sticker on the case or near it Accelerates charging time up to 40% / suddenly the battery can take in energy faster Eliminates the battery memory effect / by what mechanism – and I donít care if its just a supposition – can a sticker change the chemical and physical property inherent in certain types of battery without every being able to physically touch the materials. protects the battery from 'electrical variations' of cigarette lighter adaptors by regulating and filtering the current / how can a sticker that is not an active electronic device and that is not connected to any of the wiring perform current regulation? This one would revolutionize ALL of electronics!!!! They claim a nano ceramic material is extracted from a natural stone… ————————————————– ——————————— WowÖ they were able to claim two hot totally unrelated marketing terms in the first half of once sentence (Nano and ënaturalí, we all ëknowí that natural nano would be better than man made nano, right?) layered between 2 protective silicon foils or on 1 or 2 sides of a conductive sheet. ————————————————– ——————————— Silicon is not a conductor unless doped with materialÖ while a conductive sheet is conductive.. so which is it.. or rather does it not make a difference? Of course not because it doesnít work.. it doesnít matter whether or not the layers conduct or not!!!! So it doesnít matter that they contradict themselves in explaining how it works. An adhesive and protective film are added to the foil (depending on the version) to attach BatMax to the battery. ————————————————– ——————————— Not only do they add value by not making you buy glue but the film is protectiveÖ if you look at – / they show that the protective layer actually protects the silk print wich protects the upper layer, which THEN protects the amazing natural nano material Absorb the electromagnetic waves generated from the battery. ————————————————– ——————————— Batteries do not generate electromagnetic waves. if they did then radios would not work as the radio spectrum would be inundated by the electromagnetic waves (this is a definition of radio!), generated by all the batteries all over the place!!!! Generate a flow of negative ions. ————————————————– ——————————— WowÖ not only do they have enough energy from nowhere to increase the battery power.. but they have enough to strip the electrons from atoms and make ions!!!! And then cause enough charge for them to be attracted and cause flowÖ donít worry all this energy comes from the sticker!!!!!!! Of course slow moving ions would not be able to penetrate plastic, and insulatorÖ The ion's flow is no longer operating correctly, thereby reducing battery life. ————————————————– ——————————— Now this sounds like the mystical concept of CHI or KI in karate and the martial arts! Not only that but they were able to work in oxidizer as well.. so there is a marketing correlation to the science community that free radicals (ions) and oxidation cause aging and is bad.. and it seems that these are the same things that make batteries get old and need rejuvenation. oh.. something that generates ions constantly would also end up with all the charged dirt floating around stuck to the ion source… The wavelength of the electron released from BatMax is around 3-40 microns ————————————————– ——————————— Ok.. we are not talking nano distances hereÖ but hugh atomic distancesÖ how can a electrons wavelength be thousands of times larger than the larges atom? I can see how radio waves can have a wavelength of 3-40 micronsÖ but not an electron!!!!!! Later in the paragraph they claim that the electrons have the same oscillation energy (same as psychic marketingís harmonic energies and such) as MOLECULES!!! Which of course are also made up of their own electrons!!!! Now these special electrons generated by a passive sticker not connected to anything and shielded from the world are able to raise molecules oscillation energy AND increase their energy generation (do electrons GENERATE? facetious question) but of course the batter isnt receiving not the special electrons themselves but just their wavelengthÖ BatMax contains permeable material, which is able to directly affect the molecule level inside the battery and BatMax reintegrates the uncharged particles into the electrical circuit. ————————————————– ——————————— Oh.. so now the protective layer that keeps things out is actually permeable!!! And this permeable material makes the battery casings and metal and such also permeable (but not completely so because then the mystical wavelength would pass through and come out the other side and perhaps cause damage to your head or hand!)Ö and not only that but this product can reintegrate the uncharged particles!!! What the heck does that mean? BatMax unblocks and regulates the flow of ions by generating an electro-magnetic cavity and oscillation frequency with negative ions emission. The ionization generated by BatMax has been mesured as a level reaching 30 times the value (7 – 8.000 Ions/cm3) of the ambiant air ionization (2 – 300 Ions/cm3). By the ions production, BatMax improves the electrodes oxidization. ————————————————– ——————————— Wow.. again.. where is all this energy coming from to ionize things? Not only that but its 30 times the ambient ionization of the air around!!!! What the heck does that mean? Where is this energy coming from? facetious questions. and these ions help the battery by doing what they said in prior paragraphs hurts the battery!!! The damn post isnít even self consistent! does this mean I can put up a website and make false claims and such and post them to the physorg board to improve my lifestyle too? From what your saying here, yes I can.. and once one person gets away with pseudo crapola posing as science to commit fraud.. others will do it… If you would like I can create a page to show that your penile size has been declining in size since birth!!! Let me know what kind of graphs you want but here is the best part!!!!!! What is an SNA SDX-5000 Metron? I did find that a SDA SDX-5000 is a DJ microphone for music and dance clubs!!! the rest of the line of SDA SDX's are speakers, monitors and such… how about the Kikusui BP-checker 2000 – Kikusui makes battery testorsÖ but I couldnít find a bp-checker 2000Ö / the image they use on the website is the plz-50f (which shows an extended load module) if you look at their other products they have variations for pdaís and laptops and suchÖ however.. no matter what size or type of battery you only need one size product to workÖ my respect for this site has hit a new low!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and i hope this doesnt signal the end of such a great place when they get flooded more by pseudo crap because they figured out that the people watching this place couldnt tell a fermion from a boson, or a diploid from a haploid, or whatever fun combination you want…

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