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Nanotechnology DVD

2012Rocky writes "We'd like to let everyone know that "N" is for Nanotechnology is now available in DVD.

Go to our review page and click on "BUY NOW" y-review.htm"

Ed. Note: If any Nanodot users would like to buy the DVD (CDN $30 for personal use) and review or discuss it and this item has slipped off the front page, we will adjust links to tie the stories together.

6 Responses to “Nanotechnology DVD”

  1. Kadamose Says:

    Pay for a documentary? Yeah right!

    "N" is already posted on IRC and the newsgroups in MPEG-4 format. I won't tell the precise location where to get it, as that would be even more rude, but I will say that it can be found on the Rizon servers.

    Hint: Use the #search channel.

    I must say that Free Energy: The Race to Zero Point is a MUCH better documentary, considering it doesn't consider its audience a bunch of clueless idiots. (Granted, the majority of the people are braindead, but that doesn't mean you should constantly rub it in – if you want to get a point across, be as technical as you are in the lab and don't spew worthless jargon – saying crap like "Nanotechnology is going to change everything" is a no-brainer and simply shows that some of these scientists fall under the braindead category, as well.)

  2. RobertBradbury Says:

    Re:Pay for a documentary? Yeah right!

    Interesting K. – your comment shows an interesting conflict between your stated goals and your actions. If you *really* supported the development of nanotechnology then you should be happy to be paying for (or donating) money to organizations producing documentaries, courses, meetings, etc. that make available to people the resources necessary to engage in discussions about, understanding of and development in the field of nanotechnology. I believe the common saying is… "Put your money where your mouth is." The fact that TRtZP (which I have not seen) doesn't consider its audience a bunch of "clueless idiots" is perhaps one of the reasons why research in ZPE will never receive significant attention or funding. Given the uphill battle ZPE has to fight, e.g. "There is no such thing as a free lunch."

    I would call your attention to an article in the NY Times today [1]. As Arnold points out (pg 3), "The more often you do something, the better you get. I come from the world of reps. Remember that. Its all reps." But just like anything else you have to explain what reps do, what the number and frequency should be, what diet you need to support them, etc. And you have to explain these things in terms that the person listening can understand and relate to. If one takes the time to do that you may discover they aren't so "braindead" after all.

    Finally, since you seem to be riding the ZPE horse again, I'll simply note that you don't come across as someone educated in physics, thermodynamics or quantum mechanics. To the best of my recollection you have not responded to several comments on nanodot regarding things like material requirements, energy efficiency and "small" problems like the uncertainty principle and thermodynamics relating to ZPE. This leaves me thinking of another saying… "A little knowledge is a dangerous thing."

    1. "If you can plug a film, why not a budget?" Article

  3. Kadamose Says:

    Re:Pay for a documentary? Yeah right!

    There is no conflict and never has been; my goal HAS ALWAYS been to destroy the money system. Supporting the money system in ANY way would make me a hypocrite.

    I'd also like to point out that the money that you people waste your lives obtaining is something called FIAT CURRENCY – in other words, PAPER MONEY (i.e. money created out of thin air). It's worthless (I'd also like to point out that, originally, the Constitution of the United States considered paper money ILLEGAL)

    "No state shall …coin money; emit bills of credit; [or] make
    anything but gold and silver coin a tender in payment of debts."
    From Article I.10.1"

    I would also like to point out that the 16th amendment of the Constituition was never ratified, and therefore, The IRS and any form of Income Tax is ILLEGAL. The government is full of shit – not only is it the biggest liar in the world, it's also the biggest hypocrite; this also applies to Britain and every other country that uses any form of fiat currency.

    As for the ZPE horse, Robert, I will never abandon it because I've already seen enough compelling evidence to know that it exists and can be tapped into. Speaking of which, Thomas Valone is submitting his abstract for the 12th Forsight Conference on Molecular Nanotechnology, and I am seriously hoping that he turns your world upside down when he gives his presentation.

    If you send me your address, I would be more than happy to send you a DVD of Free Energy: The Race to Zero Point and many other goodies that would certainly enlighten a person of your caliber.

    As for the physics statement, you're correct, I'm no physics major (I was an Electrical Engineering major), but thankfully, Physics is required for 1 year and Chemistry is required for 2 years with EE, so I at least have some basic knowledge in those areas. I never did touch the field of Quantum Mechanics, as far as formal education goes, and I regret that. But, Einstein once pointed out something – he was once asked, "Do you know the answer to this?" And he said, "No, but I know someone who does." I really don't like quoting Einstein all that much, considering he never really came up with any of his own ideas – but he did spew some good advice every now and then.

    The money system, Robert, as well as every government on this planet, is going to be destroyed. If you don't already see the signs of this happening, then you're simply not looking hard enough…or you're blind.

  4. RobertBradbury Says:

    Re:Pay for a documentary? Yeah right!

    I'm aware enough of the changes that are in the wind. My Sapphire Mansions paper is even a minor attempt to outline some of them. However if you think nanotechnology or ZPE will eliminate the "money system" then I would suggest that you may be the one who has a problem seeing things. If one has a full blown nanotech society then most things required for survival will effectively be "free". That does not however mean that competition in various areas will cease unless you plan on reengineering the fundamental drives of every single human on the planet.

    Whether it is money, prizes or fame there will always be some people who will want them. Some of the creations/inventions required to obtain those things will require providing incentives to people who could otherwise stay at home and play golf, video games, go fishing, etc. Money is a medium of exchange. It is how we translate something like the value of a song into something like the value of the time of a clever EE. It is also how we perform time shifting of capital resources (offering to borrow some amount of money now and repay a greater amount in the future).

    A wise person adopts mediums of exchange appropriate for the era in which they live. We used to use gold, silver, jewels and even spices. Now we use paper "symbols". Of course a wise person watches the medium of exchange and judges when it is wise to alter the medium in which "wealth" is stored. In the paper realm, unless the U.S. changes its financial direction it might be wise to translate U.S. $ into Euros, Yen or Riyals and further down the road into Rupees, Bhat or even Yuan. In the more distant future we may trend back to gold, platinum, silver or some of the rare earth metals because they will still be relatively rare and transportation costs are likely to be lower than they are now. One interesting medium of exchange would well be Gd148 since it will be in demand for nanorobot power supplies and will need to be produced through some nuclear process which is likely to require a significant investment of energy. At the same time many of us know that in the nanotech era, diamonds are unlikely to be a good medium in which to store wealth since we will be able to manufacture them relatively easily. The same will likely be true for sapphires. If one has atomic manufacturing precision then it will become increasingly difficult to separate the "artificial" gems from the "natural" gems.

    Money doesn't "go away" it simply changes its form.

  5. Kadamose Says:

    Re:Pay for a documentary? Yeah right!

    You misunderstood…money isn't going to make another evolution; it's going to disappear completely. Everything will be free, whether it be the essentials (food, clothing, housing, education etc) or simple recreation.

    The only thing that will be of ANY value in the future is knowledge, and intellect to understand that knowledge. People will no longer seek fame and fortune…because what's the point when everyone is of the same status? You won't get anything more than the average person, save a good reputation. Of course, most of the people in the world today would not want a future like that…but screw them, it's coming anyway.

  6. Nanoman Says:

    It appears to me that both Bradbury and Kadamose are right. Kadamose is correct in that Nano Engineering and Assembler technology and zero point radiation (Better term than energy, by the way) are almost inevitable…IF technological trends continue..which, short of total planetary destruction or Divine intervention or “alien” attack…they will ;)

    Human beings, as long as we remain human beings, will still value things, and there will have to be some form of transfer of something for value.

    Kadamose, I will gladly take you up on the offer for the DVD of Free Energy: Race to Zero Point, if you want to send it to me! :)

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