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Wikipedia needs help with nanotech

Wikipedia is an free online encyclopedia written cooperatively using WIKI technology. Their nanotechnology entry seems to need tweaking: the illustration appears to be of MEMS, not nanotech. Those of you familiar with this community: please help them out by suggesting a more appropriate graphic. (The molecular nanotechnology entry needs a graphic too.)

One Response to “Wikipedia needs help with nanotech”

  1. RobertBradbury Says:

    Wikipedia outage…

    Wikipedia is in the process of recovering from a significant power outage. While they get all of their ducks lined up again you can view the nanotechnology page in the Google cache. The molecular nanotechnology page appears to be more recently modified and an up-to-date copy doesn't appear to be either in the cache or the web archive.

    Christine's obeservation appears accurate. The "nanotechnology" image is a great example of kilo-nanotechnology (aka MEMS).

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