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Molecular electronic switch

As reported by Eurekalert, scientists at Arizona State University have demonstrated an oligoaniline switch which demonstrates "negative differential resistance" (a decrease in current with increased voltage). This property would allow such molecules to function as a basis for a number of elements (memories, logic elements, etc.) that could be built into molecular computers. The abstract from Nano Letters is here.

For those unfamiliar with Nano Letters it is well worth following to keep pace with nanotechnology from a molecular chemistry perspective. This month's issue is covering topics such as nanotube optoelectronics, single-electron quantum dots, protein nanotubes and single molecule transistors.

2 Responses to “Molecular electronic switch”

  1. fedrive Says:

    Atomic / Molecular Switch

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  2. jayakar Says:

    Conductance by bonding and de-bonding

    When there is moletronic current, the conductance is by the bonding and de-bonding of the molecules of matters, where the atom itself is also a molecule of matters. Therefore, there will be entangled or expelled fractals on bonding or de-bonding of molecules. This principle can be taken to develop molecular switch applications.

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