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Nanosystems engineering degree program announced

The first U.S. Nanosystems Engineering degree program has been announced, and not perhaps where one would expect it: "The Louisiana Board of Regents granted final approval Thursday for Louisiana Tech to offer the nanosystems engineering degree program, the first such program in the nation." It sounds as though the mechanical engineers had a hand in this, which is encouraging.
But as an MIT alum, where nanosystems work first started back in the late '70s, I am disappointed that the Institute of Technology doing this starts with an L instead of an M. Must the future of nanotech be in Ruston instead of Cambridge?

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  1. jayakar Says:

    Nanoscience syllabus to be from UNU

    Since Nanoscience integrates various disciplines of science, the syllabus for various courses on this science to be from the super-university (UNU), for getting disseminated into the integrated universities with it. This will promote the opening of a global channel to disseminate the distributed works on Nanoscience, so that the object of resolving the economic and social disparities of the globe can be facilitated, at least to a little bit.

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