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IBM provides access to Blue Gene

For those who didn't notice it in several sources (here, here or here), IBM has announced external access to its Blue Gene supercomputer. It provides 5.7 Teraflops in a single rack. Obviously IBM has the ability to hook a large number of these together should they choose to do so. 175 racks gives you a petaflop. Of course its mildly amusing that they installed it in Rochester, MN. At least in the winter you can eliminate the A/C bills by simply opening the windows. If this takes off, one would expect to see them installing warehouses of these in Iceland. You get the A/C for free and the electricity (from geothermal power) for nearly free. You have to wonder what the cost/TF is going to be?

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  1. Anonymous Coward Says:

    cooling and such

    Iceland isn't all that cold, unfortunately. Being surrounded by vast expanses of 32 degree heat sinks moderates its temperature. The salt water can't help it much either. You need to find a nice place in the middle of a continent and closer to the artic circle, hopefully with a good source power, to take advantage of environmental cooling advantages. Besides, its >60 degree here in Rochester today. ;-)

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