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Nano-Hive Nanospace Simulator 1.1.0 Released

bhelfrich writes "Nano-Hive version 1.1.0 for win32-x86 is now available for download. *nix distros will be made available in the coming weeks.

This release adds support for running multiple, multi-threaded simulations simultaneously, each able to access multiple Physical Interaction plugins.

We've also added new plugins.

  • MPQC_SClib – This plugin encapsulates the functionality of the Scientific Computing Toolkit (SC) used by the Massively Parallel Quantum Chemistry Program (MPQC).
  • OpenBabelImportExport – This Data Import/Export plugin adds the ability to read and write many new file types by encapsulating the OpenBabel library.
  • SocketsControl – Control Nano-Hive via a TCP socket with this Simulation Control plugin.
  • BondCalculator – This Physical Interaction plugin discovers molecules in the simulation space and specifies bonds to describe them.
  • BasicCellTraverser – This Entity Traversal plugin divides the simulation space up into sub-cells for multi-threaded calculation.

Also included in this release is an alpha version of the HiveKeeper Graphical User Interface for Nano-Hive ( The capabilities of the alpha version includes visualization of the molecular structures even while the simulation is running.

Visit to learn more. Nano-Hive's open source development and distributions are hosted at"

Editors comment — but when will the software be available for non-windows systems? "*nix" distros in coming weeks sounds rather vague.

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  1. bhelfrich Says:

    "coming weeks"

    Yes, it's a bit vague because we're thinking of doing distributions to simplify installation but haven't decided yet. Could be two weeks, could be four weeks, but *nix downloads will definitely be available in April.


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