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Liquid computing

Emeka Okafor writes "Liquid Computing, The New scientist writes about the developments in the field of liquid computing. Andrew Adamatzky of the Intelligent Autonomous Systems Laboratory,Bristol "…has worked out how to make liquid logic gates,building arrays that he believes could lead to powerful processors that are infinitely reconfigurable and self healing…he wants to use his 'gooware' to create a hugely powerful parallel processor: a liquid robot in which metal and wire are replaced by a blob of jelly…"it will be completely flexible," says Adamatzky- an intelligent, shape changing-changing,crawling blob…" via Smartmobs"

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  1. Chemisor Says:


    > an intelligent, shape changing-changing, crawling blob

    Now here's something the world really needs! Way to go science!

    > 'gooware'

    So… Is it gray?

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