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Top ten nanotech applications to aid the poor

Judy Conner brings our attention to a story in Medical News Today: "According to a new study by the Canadian Program on Genomics and Global Health (CPGGH) at the University of Toronto Joint Centre for Bioethics (JCB), a leading international medical ethics think-tank, several nanotechnology applications will help people in developing countries tackle their most urgent problems – extreme poverty and hunger, child mortality, environmental degradation and diseases such as malaria and HIV/AIDS. The study is the first ranking of nanotechnology applications relative to their impact on development; it was published today by the prestigious, open-access, US-based Public Library of Science journal." Foresight participated in the international panel of experts surveyed.

5 Responses to “Top ten nanotech applications to aid the poor”

  1. HLovy Says:

    The developing world

    Hi, folks. Got a little discussion going on that over at NanoBot. Howard

  2. Kadamose Says:

    I don't think anyone understands what's coming

    Better farming? Cleaner water? Give me a break. Ultimately, nanotechnology will replace not only the human immune system, but it will also replace the need to consume food/water for sustanance. Granted, you will still be able to eat food and drink beverages, but it won't be required to live; it will be a luxury.

    I can hear the "that sounds more like a machine than a human" arguments now – but you have to remember, on the cellular level, we are machines…and currently we are very inefficient ones. Nanotechnology, combined with neuro-science and genetic engineering, will change all that.

    We shall be as gods.

  3. Solarhaphaeriom Says:

    Question is more, when?

    "several nanotechnology applications will help people in developing countries tackle their most urgent problems"

  4. Kadamose Says:

    Re:Question is more, when?

    I think they can wait another 7 years like the rest of us. Dec 2012 is the world changing event that we will all experience – for better, or for worse.

  5. RobertBradbury Says:

    Nanotechnology leverage points

    The BBC is reporting on the results of the discussion on the promising areas of nanotechnology with respect to the developing world. The article has a nice summary of what these specialists viewed as the areas where the most significant potential contributions might be made. It would be nice to review the backgrounds of the "specialists" to understand to what degree they did or did not really understand nanotechnology.

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