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Nanotech job tips & nano business/education surveys

The current issue of NanoNews-Now offers the results of two expert surveys, one on nanotech business and one on nanotech education, both focusing on what kind of training is most in demand. Pamela Bailey of tinytechjobs offers advice on how to get employed in nanotech: Read More for excerpt. (Site is paid subscription, but there's a 90-day free trial.) Excerpt from Pamela Bailey:

Where are the jobs?

Right now the need for qualified nanotechnology employees comes from:

1. Established industries such as microelectronics, information storage, and optoelectronics that have traditionally used microtechnology and are expanding research into smaller and smaller technology, structures, and devices.

2. New industries that have been created as a result of nanotechnology: nanotechnology materials and coatings, nanotechnology structures (crystal, wires, tubes, etc.), MEMS/NEMS, nanobiotechnology, nanoelectronics, microfluidics, and others.

3. Major industries such as the chemical, pharmaceutical/biotech, energy, aerospace and transportation, and many other industries that are now beginning to see the promise of nanotechnology.

4. The many research, nanofabrication, foundry, and user facilities funded by the National Nanotechnology Initiative.

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  1. Farrokh Says:

    I am planning to go for the nanotechnology engineering at university of Toronto but I need to know more about nanotechnology.. What are the job opportunities for this field of study? Is there any industry hiring the graduated student in these fields?
    I’ll appreciate your help.

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