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New Atlantis calls for NAS analysis of molecular manufacturing

Adam Keiper points us at an editorial in The New Atlantis titled "Assessing the Nanotech Revolution." The concluding paragraph: "A preliminary report from the [National Research Council] committee is expected in June 2005, with a final report to follow early next year. It is our hope that the committee will offer a clear analysis of the technical potential of molecular manufacturing, and a clear recommendation on whether federal nanotechnology funds should be allocated toward theoretical and practical research into molecular manufacturing. A clear statement from the committee will help resolve the discrepancy between what Congress expects and what federal funds in fact support."

4 Responses to “New Atlantis calls for NAS analysis of molecular manufacturing”

  1. Kadamose Says:

    The U.S. needs an enema first.

    Sorry, but I don't think the government is mature or honest enough to possess MNT technology – it will only use it for all the wrong reasons, and the rich will continue to get richer, and the 'poor' will continue to rot away as they always have. Therefore, I think it's in everyone's best interests if the government stays out of the development of MNT research…its worthless fiat currency isn't needed anyway.

    Nanotechnology should be developed by everyone, not just by a single country (especially the U.S. – which is the true 'Axis of Evil').

  2. Anonymous Coward Says:

    Re:The U.S. needs an enema first.

    so, kadamose, mr smarty pants, tell me this: how do we go from current non MNT to full blown Drexler style MNT? what do you say is the best and most straightforward method?

  3. Kadamose Says:

    Re:The U.S. needs an enema first.

    This can be done by open-sourcing everything, thus allowing all researchers, regardless of nationality, to participate.

    Oh, and getting rid of IP law will also be another requirement; this will ensure that no obstructions occur in the future.

  4. Anonymous Coward Says:

    Re:The U.S. needs an enema first.

    Great, let's do that then!

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