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Erasmus Mundus Master of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology

Plan now to apply for a unique two-year master's program in nanotech in Europe: "1. The nanosciences are multidisciplinary: the challenge is to instil in the students the power to communicate and think across the boundaries of the traditional scientific disciplines. Notably, the aim is not to educate 'multispecialists'. Students receive a basic training in all disciplines, and choose a specialization within one of these disciplines. Special courses are designed to offer a multidisciplinary view on this research field…3. The EMM-nano is strongly research-connected: students spend at least one fourth of the programme on their own research project in a research environment of internationally renowned quality; course modules are strongly related to ongoing research and are taught by research professionals." Europeans can still apply this year; others must wait until next year. Courses are in English.

One Response to “Erasmus Mundus Master of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology”

  1. SEDA KOKSAL Says:

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I am a chemical engineer and I am going on master’s degree of the chemical engineering at Yildiz Technical University in Turkey. I want to attend the Erasmus program and get education in your country. I prepared a project about Polymer-Clay Nanocomposites. I plan to enhance myself on the nanotechnology area.Could I study two semesters at your university by Erasmus program during the period of the my master thesis project?

    I am looking forward your reply.

    Best regards
    Seda Koksal

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