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Nanofountain pen developed at Northwestern

From a Northwestern press release: "Researchers at Northwestern University have demonstrated writing at the sub-100 nanometer molecular scale in fountain-pen fashion. They developed a novel atomic force microscope (AFM) probe chip with an integrated microfluidic system for capillary feeding of molecular ink…The Nanofountain Probe (NFP) developed by Horacio D. Espinosa, professor of mechanical engineering, and his colleagues employs a volcano-like dispensing tip and capillary fed solutions to enable sub-100 nanometer molecular writing." (Source: NanoApex)
Nanofountain Probe: clever technology, clever name. I'm betting we'll see a lot more nanotech innovation from mechanical engineers. –CP

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    Additional comments…

    Roland contributed the following, "I'm sure that almost all of you have used a fountain pen. But imagine a pen drawing lines only 40 nanometers in width. Now, it can be done with the Nanofountain Probe (NFP) developed by scientists at Northwestern University. This innovative fountain pen "employs a volcano-like dispensing tip and capillary fed solutions to enable sub-100 nanometer molecular writing." But it needs to be mounted on an atomic force microscope (AFM) to be useful, so it probably is something you'll not find at your local drugstore for a while. However, this nanofountain probe could have applications for nanosensors, biotechnology and pharmaceuticals. Read more for other details, pictures and references."

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