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Nanotech for global health and sustainable development

Call for papers due September 1 for a special issue of the long-term oriented Journal of Evolution & Technology: "How can genetic engineering and nanotechnology, used safely and effectively, help decrease malnutrition, starvation, and disease?…How can a specific emerging technology, like genetic engineering or nanotechnology, further global health and sustainable development? What are the safety, equity and intellectual property concerns?…What should the relative application be of the proactionary and precautionary principles in regulating new technologies promoting global health?" Big, complex issues meriting lots of exploration.–CP

4 Responses to “Nanotech for global health and sustainable development”

  1. Kadamose Says:

    Moronic humans.

    What are the safety, equity and intellectual property concerns?…

    IP? Are you kidding me? I think anyone with even a moderate degree of intelligence knows that Intellectual Property, Copyright Law, and all that other rubbish that continues to HINDER scientific development, won't exist for much longer, especially in a post-nanotech world.

    The people who are thinking of transfering the flawed ideals of the 20th century over into our nanotech/singularity enhanced future, need to grow up, and stop the wishful thinking, because money will not exist anymore, in any form. There will be no more status quo; no more social status of any kind – true equality will finally exist on this forlorn, little planet.

  2. Chemisor Says:

    Re:Moronic humans.

    > because money will not exist anymore

    Could Nanodot moderators please write a bot to detect this phrase and automatically mark the comment with "-6 Troll"? Upgrading the Slash engine might be a good idea anyway.

  3. thrill Says:

    Re:Moronic humans.

    An ignore-user button would be considered by many as one of the greatest contributions to bringing back civil, academic, and lucid nanodot discussions that could be made.

  4. ChrisPeterson Says:

    Re:Moronic humans.

    We are moving to different software soon. I cannot guarantee that it will deal with all issues, but it should help.

    Thanks to all Nanodot readers for their patience!


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