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U.S. Dept of State on international nanotech competition

In case you missed attending this in person (as I did), check out the transcript from the Council on Foreign Relations discussion on nanotechnology, including George Atkinson, science and technology adviser to the secretary of state, U.S. Department of State: “Do we need every wise nanotechnologist working here in the United States? I think my answer would be no. In fact, I think the shift will be the creation of what I might call regional security areas, or areas of excellence outside the United States, which are partnered or mentored–maybe originally mentored and eventually partnered with American centers of excellence…Today I think we have to reach out in a very self-interested way, if you will, to find partners who are going to be literally partners to us, strong partners to us.”

3 Responses to “U.S. Dept of State on international nanotech competition”

  1. Kadamose Says:

    The Council of Foreign Relations? If any of you have read David Icke’s work, then you would know, the CoFR is very bad news, and is run by elite illuminati. It is imperitiva that people read David Icke’s research, as it will give you the truth as to what is really going on – and will explain why advanced technology/ancient knowledge is being supressed, deliberately, so that the masses can live in a state of ignorance, and be easily controlled by these individuals. This suppression of knowledge is not something that’s been happening just in this past century; on the contrary, it’s been happening for several thousand years.

    Read the books, especially ‘The Biggest Secret’ and his newest book, ‘Infinite Love is the Only Truth, Everything Else is Illusion.’ I guarantee that anyone who gives the research a little of their time and attention, will be blown away by it

  2. Andrew Wheeler Says:


  3. Andrew Wheeler Says:

    I’m sorry, but David Icke has no credibility whatsoever. I think bringing up the “Bavarian Illuminati” on this site, and trying to be serious about it, is to engage in fantasy. This kind of fantasy is destructive, and we all have enough real problems to deal with involving the nanotech issues.

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