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Connecticut to take lead in molecular manufacturing education

From Capitol Reports: Connecticut Governor M. Jodi Rell has signed Special Act 05 – 13 — an “Act Concerning Nanotechnology, Molecular Manufacturing And Advanced And Developing Technologies At Institutions Of Higher Education” — to help create higher education degree programs in nanotechnology. The new law requires the Commissioner of Higher Education, in consultation with the Office of  Workforce Competitiveness, to review the inclusion of nanotechnology, molecular manufacturing and advanced and developing technologies at institutions of higher education.  A report on their findings must be sent to the legislature by January 1, 2006. Governor Rell said: “Nanotechnology represents the future – the future of everything from manufacturing systems to environmental protection to aerospace. I am confident we will look back on this law with pride.” Indeed. –CP (Credit: Howard Lovy)

2 Responses to “Connecticut to take lead in molecular manufacturing education”

  1. Brandon Fortino Says:

    Conneticut isn’t the only one pushing for Nano Technology Education, we are taking the fight to our high schools. Everett High School is located in Lansing, Michigan and recently built a Scanning Tunneling Electron Microscope. It will be made available this year to any science class that is interested and Everett is establishing a Nano Technology Elective class which will operate closely with Michigan State University’s College of Medicine and Astronomy and Physics.

    In fact, this is actually the computer that will be running the data analysis and acquisition, I should be running the final software and hardware checks instead of browsing nanodot. ;D This is only the beginning, I have been persuing local, regional and state wide Nano Technology investment and am consulting with David Tomanek. Michigan is moving on, our economy isn’t going to be based on manufacturing much longer, the State is embracing the new technologies of Bio Technology, Nano Technology and new alternative fuels.

  2. Howard Lovy Says:

    Howdy, neighbor. We share the same Great Lake state. Drop me a note.

    Howard Lovy

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