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Evolutionary AI software designs robot offspring

from the early-"engineering-AI" dept.
EddieWehri writes "Researchers developed a computer program that came up with designs for simple robots after being given simple parameters. Found on slashdot. 0008/30_robot.html" RalphMerkle explains that this refers to "recent work at Brandeis by Jordan Pollack. Evidently, this work involves a design system that uses evolutionary algorithms to design a robotic system."

Update: A spate of press coverage of this research was set off by the publication of a paper by Pollack and co-worker Hod Lipson, also of Brandeis, in the 31 August 2000 issue of Nature. Some interesting press accounts include articles in the Los Angeles Times and the New York Times.

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  1. dwh Says:


    Lipson and Pollack also have a version of their software that runs as a screensaver and evolves robot designs, Golem@home. Unfortunately, it only runs on Windows, but I have sent them email and Lipson responded, "we're thinking about a unix version". If more people request it, then it's likely to speed up the release of a *nix port. They also have a (again Windows) version of the software "Live Truss", which is a standalone robot evolution software. Find them both at: -=dwh=-

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