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Get a job in nanotechnology

The montrously big employment website has a story on getting a job on nanotechnology, featuring, well, moi:

” ‘The good news is that you can come at nanotechnology from almost any technical direction,’ says Peterson. ‘The bad news is sometimes you need to go back to school.’

“Peterson, who counsels Foresight members on career issues, says she sees ‘a lot of software folks — dotcom-bust people — jaded with that field and wanting to do something new and exciting.” But ‘the jump from software to nano is a pretty big jump,’ she cautions. ‘Some people in software are good about bits, but they can’t think about atoms.’

“Those best positioned to enter the field include experts in materials science and applied chemistry as well as others ‘who have been thinking about molecules,’ as Peterson puts it.”

Websites which specialize in nanotech jobs include Working in Nanotechnology and Tiny Tech Jobs. You can also network for nanotech jobs at the Foresight Conference; discounted hotel rates end October 14. —CP

3 Responses to “Get a job in nanotechnology”

  1. hottie Says:

    Good post. That is good news that nanotech is that widespread in terms of the different fields it touches. However, the bad news you discussed greatly outweighs this good news for most of us out here in cyber world.

  2. Rob Says:

    Not necessarily; all you would have to do is find a field that you find fascinating. you could start off as an I.T. guy, then decide that you want to do some real good work in the medical field, all you would have to do is take the necessary classes to put you up to speed in that field. From there that could be a good stable job with very good pay. i know for a fact there is going to be a need for nano-technicians in the medical field; it could be used in everything from curing atherosclerosis to brain surgery…hell even in-an-out eye surgery. simply because nanotechnology IS so wide spread in its application, it could potentially out alot of people out of jobs, but it could make alot of new ones in its place. like, telecommunications to make phones like the nokia Morph, or in construction to (theoretically) make buildings that are super strong and resilient against earthquakes, and if you feel like your building looks like it needs to change its look or even be moved, all you have to do is tell it to do so .

    So, dont think that it isnt smart to go to school for nanotechnology, all you have to do is choose what you want to do afterwards and stick to it! it may be the best decision you ever make!

  3. God Says:

    Telling already highly educated but unemployed people that they need to return to school to improve their chances of getting a job – in ANY field – not just nanotechnology is a lie and a scam. That is just a scam to keep poor unemployed people to keep wasting their money and to keep them out of the job market.

    Academia is NOT the problem. There is NOTHING “useless” about formal academic degrees. Employers simply do not use them. There is nothing impratical about schooling. Employers simply do not practice the things they learned when THEY were in school.

    I am all for nanotechnology to solve a variety of problems: most important of which: biosynthesizing meat so animals need no longer be bred and murdered. But, science and tech geeks can no longer keep ignoring the fundamental law of ENTROPY. That it applies to ALL human and non-human activity.

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