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More on Robotics and Alife available

from the My-they-move-fast,-don't-they? dept.

The full text of a number of papers on evolutionary robotics design, artificial life (Alife), and swarm programming are available either online or as Acrobat PDF files as the "Feature of the Week" for the 31 August 2000 issue, on the website of the journal Nature.

Items of recent interest include:

  • the paper by Pollack & Lipson of Brandeis University on evolutionary robotics design (see item posted here on 30 August)
  • another paper titled, "Ant-like task allocation and recruitment in cooperative robots," by Krieger, et al. (no, not that Krieger)
  • a commentary article on these two above
  • related past items, including a paper on the complexity and evolution of artificial genomes, and another by the Swarm group at the Santa Fe Institute on the use of social insects as a model for programming robotic swarms.

Note: It is unclear how long Nature provides full access to articles in its "Feature of the Week" series; some past features several weeks old are still available, but others are not. Visit this site soon if you'd like to access or download these papers.

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