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Nano in Japan

Next up is co-chair of the Research sessions, Hiroshi Yokoyama, Director of the Nanotechnology Research Institute, part of AIST in Japan — one of the leaders of nanotech in Japan. He is an expert in liquid crystal nanotech but in this talk he is giving an overview of nanotech in Japan. A survey showed that about 50% of average people in Japan know what nanotech is (far better than US and Europe). Nanotech investment in industry is increasing at 35% annually. Annual number of nanotech companies starting up is increasing fast. He gave one in-depth example: nanotech for flat panel displays and the “revolution by integrated nanotechnology”. One goal is to build a desk top factory for minimal manufacturing using ink jet printing (“similar to productive nanosystems we heard about this morning, but much less ambitious”).

2 Responses to “Nano in Japan”

  1. jim moore Says:

    Can you get any more information on the ink jet fabricator? Who is doing the work? What materials are they using? How fast does it print?

  2. Steve Says:

    Japan is no doubt moving ahead faster than the U.S. and Europe when it comes to nano technology bizs. I cant wait to see the finished product and what it can accomplish when its functional.

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