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Be a nanoanalyst & get paid for it

It’s not as fun as my job here at Foresight — what could be? — but Lux Research is recruiting Analyst and Senior Analyst positions based in NYC, SF, or Boston. Required for both: “Deep intellectual curiosity about emerging technologies…Fluency in spoken and written Mandarin or Korean is a huge plus; Western European or Middle Eastern language skills are also desirable.” Middle Eastern?

Nanofans: this is your opportunity to finally get paid for your years of nano-tracking. —Christine

4 Responses to “Be a nanoanalyst & get paid for it”

  1. John Novak Says:

    Hah. I will do that in exchange for funding me in a Computer Science PhD program plus a salary on par with an academic fellowship at that level….

  2. Charles Bowers Says:


    I attended your Burlingame conference – was under impression we would be able to access the view graphs from the talks but can’t seem to find any links to those papers. Can you let me know how to get to those papers. I took notes and referenced slides in talks and now need to get to the talks.

    Charlie Bowers

  3. Christine Peterson Says:

    Hi Charlie — We are working to get permissions and to get the slides up on the web. It will happen but not immediately. Sorry for the delay! We need a bigger staff…—Christine

  4. Christine Peterson Says:

    Conference presentations are being posted here, as they become available:

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