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Intro to productive nanosystems

As we enter 2006 our thoughts turn to the future: what can we expect from nanotechnology as it reaches its full potential? For a quick introduction, check out Productive nanosystems: the physics of molecular fabrication (pdf, 0.6 MB) by K. Eric Drexler, published in Physics Education. It gets quite technical, but even the less technical reader can get quite a bit out of it, especially the illustrations.

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2 Responses to “Intro to productive nanosystems”

  1. Miguel Tavares Says:


    Do you know where can I got some actual informations about MEMs?

    Thankyou, best regards

    Miguel Lisbon, 2006/01/06

  2. Ashley Bowers Says:

    Really great intro to productive nanosystems the book had alot of great illustrations. Any plans on a future book?

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