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Book on Nano-Hype just published

Prof. David Berube’s new book has just been published: Nano-Hype: The Truth Behind the Nanotechnology Buzz. From the publisher:

“Nanotechnology, the science of molecular engineering at the atomic scale, has captured the popular imagination. From movies to TV series to video games, utopian fantasies and horror scenarios involving nanotechnology have become a staple of the entertainment industry. The hyperbole surrounding this new technology comes not only from the media but also from scientists who exaggerate the anticipated benefits of nanotechnology to justify research funding, as well as from environmentalists and globalization opponents, who sometimes indulge in doom-and-gloom prophecies to advance their own agendas. The result is widespread misinformation and an uninformed public.”

If you move fast, you can write the first review on Amazon. —Christine

3 Responses to “Book on Nano-Hype just published”

  1. Nanoman Says:

    Does the book give a fair overview of REAL MOLECULAR Nanotechnology or is it more nanoscale materials research hyping?

  2. Nanoman Says:

    Since I posted my last comment I purchased a copy of the book at good old Barnes and Nobles. You can get it there for around 28 dollars.

    The book seems to be relatively fair; it shows all of the work on nanoscale technology, and also seems to give good report on the work of Drexler, Merkle, Freitas, et all, regarding MOLECULAR manufacturing. The book is packed with great details on molecular nanotechnology of all sorts, from fullerenes and “nano cancer bombs” to assemblers and such.

    He seems to, correctly, assume that MNT is on the way.

    Get it. Its good.

  3. ZXn Says:

    Can’t wait to read the fine print.

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