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Nanomanufacturing VIPs to present on March 29-30

Los Angeles will be the place to be March 29-30 when the Society of Manufacturing Engineers holds its Nanomanufacturing Conference. Keynoting will be Eric Drexler on “Engineering from the Bottom Up – Productive Nanosystems and the Future of Technology”. Also not to be missed: Foresight director Jim Von Ehr of Zyvex on “Assembly Pathway to Nanotechnology” and Participating Member Mark Sims of Nanorex on “NanoMechanical Engineering: Design and Analysis Tools for Productive Nanosystems.” See also the agenda and meeting brochure (1.6 MB PDF). There’s also a workshop on Tuesday [update: workshop includes a talk by Foresight Exec VP Jillian Elliott]. Here’s the Conference Overview:

“Molecular nanotechnology and manufacturing, or using matter to build complex products and structures atom-by-atom like pieces of Legos, will soon lead us into the sixth industrial revolution. Like steam engines, electricity and transistors, nanotechnology is primed to completely disrupt markets, industries and business models worldwide. Similarly, it will replace our entire manufacturing base with a new, radically precise, less expensive, and more flexible way of making products. These pervasive changes in manufacturing will leave virtually no product, process or industry untouched.”

Before I get outraged comments from chemists: Be assured that Eric, Jim, and Mark have a healthy respect for how atoms actually behave, which is not like Legos. —Christine

6 Responses to “Nanomanufacturing VIPs to present on March 29-30”

  1. Phillip Huggan Says:

    It would be really nice if transcripts or recordings of the presentations could be made available…

  2. Robert Virkus Says:

    But I have always thought that there must a scale,
    somewhat larger than a few tens of nanometers, where prefabricated molecular building blocks could snap together like Legos. What is the simplest system of blocks that could be useful?

  3. Nanoman Says:

    Robert Virkus, you are on track. What Dr Drexler and others seem to be saying is that atoms and molecules are not LITERALLY exactly like Lego blocks. Rather, they have complex electrical properties and such. However, it is also true that “Molecular Lego like kits” could be made.

  4. Phillip Huggan Says:

    I would think power systems are a must to scale any manufacturing technology. Quantum dots and fuel cell membranes need parts design accuracies of a few nanometers if not smaller.

  5. Alex Says:

    A posting from October mentions Christian Schafmeister’s Feynman prize-winning work on something much like what you’re proposing. He’s come up with a set of 14 amino acid-based building blocks, each of which can form rigid bonds with its neighbors and form predictable and controllable structures. Each building block is about half a nanometer across (for comparison, the diameter of a hydrogen atom is about one tenth of a nanometer, or one angstrom, across, and the largest atoms have a diameter of about three times that). His lab has been able to build various shapes such as rods and crescents out of these monomers.

  6. manish Says:

    my name is manish kumar.i want brief introduction abt nano technology .i have present paper in my college so plz send information abt nano technology……………..

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