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Open Source CAD code for MEMS

from the where-oh-where-is-good-software dept.
Senior Associate Michael Butler writes "At the just-past Foresight Gathering, mention was made of extant MEMS fab CAD software packages and how bad they are. Alternatives mentioned include, e.g., recycling mature finite element FORTRAN code and stitching it together with other things. It happens that Matra open sourced a bunch of CAD/CAM code last year. (Slashdot article). I suggest that interested people at Zyvex and elsewhere check out Open Cascade and see if what they're doing can be bent to your purposes. Have any nanodotters worked with this code? Butler continues: "Quoting from that site, "The Open CASCADE Object Libraries are reusable C++ object libraries for producing all types of domain-specific graphic modeling applications. The Open CASCADE Application Framework is included with Open CASCADE 3.0. It is a Rapid Application Development framework that increases your productivity by organizing and specifying your application data and architecture, structuring applications that are associative by definition, managing modification history and automatically assigning storable attributes to objects. Typical Open CASCADE developments include domain-specific CAD, manufacturing or analysis applications, simulation applications, and illustration tools." Big Ol' Caveat: useful object libraries are one thing; trying to swallow new development methodologies whole has been the death of many projects."

8 Responses to “Open Source CAD code for MEMS”

  1. JonathanDesp Says:

    It's not MEMS, no relation

    Hi, I don't know why NanoDot puted this article in the MEMS Section, there is no big relation to do with that Cascade and the MEMS Industry. MEMS Software are very exelent and allow to companies to save million of dollars. Just understand that. –Jon

  2. butler Says:

    I should have put a question mark in the title.

    I agree the title was somewhat misleading; it should have read "Open source CAD code useful for MEMS?" Perhaps Chris P could change the title to reflect this.

  3. butler Says:

    Very excellent MEMS software

    It would be quite helpful if you would give the name(s) of any MEMS software products that you consider excellent, and tell us why it's good and what it's better than.

    URLs would also be helpful.

  4. SkevosMavros Says:

    Re:Very excellent MEMS software

    I assume Jon was referring to the software available at the website that appears next to his user number:

    Perhaps he works there? Perhaps he was referring to his own software?

    Or were you aware of this? ;-)

  5. JonathanDesp Says:

    Re:Very excellent MEMS software

    I won't say which is best at making MEMS Software, because they are my competitors. But 3 companies are doing very well, in investment and in selling.

  6. butler Says:

    Re:Very excellent MEMS software

    I'm glad you're making money.

    Which leaves the question open: what makes for excellent MEMS software?

    In other areas of software with which I have more familiarity, lots of people dislike (to the point of can't bring themselves to use) AutoCAD, but AutoCAD still has a huge percentage of the market. Does that make AutoCAD excellent? Ask Burt Rutan — he uses Ashlar Vellum. It "doesn't get in his way."

    But market lock in has pretty much occurred. Newcomers see AutoCAD as a meal ticket and/or blame themselves for having a hard time with the peculiarities of the software. It would be a pity if the same sort of thing happened all the way down.

  7. naoursla Says:

    Existing commecial MEMS software packages

    Memcad is made by Microcosm (who I happen to work for). It is a suite of workflow guis and simulators (solvers) and a layout (CAD) tool. We also offer design consulting.

    The rest should be taken with a grain of salt since I am not as familar with our competition as I probably should be. This post is also made in an unofficial capacity. This is what I know and does not reflect the view of my employers.

    Intellisense has solvers, a layout tool, and a foundry. They were recently purchased by Corning for their foundry experience.

    MemsCap distributes a layout editor by tanner. My understanding is that they don't actually have their own software are more interested in technology licensing type deals. It doesn't look like that is the case on their web page though.

    Ansys sells a variety solvers.

  8. JonathanDesp Says:

    Re:Very excellent MEMS software

    AutoCad is not very very good to make simulation. –Jon

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