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Nanomechanical simulation of atomically-precise universal joint

Mark Sims of Nanorex, a Foresight participating member, reports that he has completed the first nanomechanical simulation of the Merkle/Drexler universal joint. He used the nanoENGINEER-1 software on a Dell laptop, taking about 24 hours to complete the simulation of a 3,846-atom structure.

Mark explains: “A universal joint is a joint in a rigid rod that allows the rod to ‘bend’ in any direction. It consists of a pair of ordinary hinges located close together, but oriented at 90° relative to each other.”

The rotary motors connected to the shafts are simulated running at 100 GHz. That’s fast. —Christine

6 Responses to “Nanomechanical simulation of atomically-precise universal joint”

  1. John Novak Says:

    Wasn’t this software supposed to have been released open source?
    Or am I thinking of a different effort?

  2. Phillip Huggan Says:

    I’m really curious of any news regarding Nanoengineer. When will it be available for public download and will it cost anything?

  3. NanoEnthusiast Says:

    From the best I can tell, this progrm is supposed to be released as open-source eventually.
    There is one you can downlod now called Nano-Hive at, I have not tried either so I don’t know how they compare.

  4. Mark Sims Says:

    nanoENGINEER-1 (nE-1) will be released as open source under the GNU Public License after we’ve completed a majority of the features we’ve committed to for version 1.0. While it is still difficult to determine exactly when this will be, our current estimate is late summer or early fall of 2006.

  5. Mark Sims Says:

    And yes, it will be free.

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